Stardew Valley Ostrich | What is It, Where Do You Get It?

stardew valley ostrich

Stardew Valley’s 1.5 patch has some absolutely bonkers mechanics in it. For example, you now have the ability to grow and raise… Ostriches. That’s right, you can put ostriches all over your farm. If that interests you, then you’re in luck, because these aren’t exactly hard to get! Check out our Stardew Valley Ostrich guide to Stardew Valley to become the world’s best giant bird farmer!

Stardew Valley Ostrich Guide

Ostriches are large flightless birds that you can farm as part of patch 1.5 in Stardew Valley.

Where are they?

You get ostriches from Ostrich Eggs, an animal product on Ginger Island. You get them from three sources; from ostriches themselves, in chests in the Volcano Dungeon, or by solving Journal Scrap #10.

Ostriches are fairly rare in the wild… In that we couldn’t find any! This is a good way to grind eggs after you have a few ostriches already on your farm. This is the best way to grind eggs after you’ve already gotten a good amount of livestock.

The Volcano Dungeon has a few randomly generated chests, but unfortunately, they’re random. So… Yeah, not much to talk about here. Grinding the dungeon is probably the best way to get your first couple of eggs so you can start farming.

However, for your first guaranteed egg, you’ll want to do Journal Scrap 10. You’ll just need to dig at a specific spot outside of a volcano, and you get your first egg!

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Eggs can be incubated within an Ostrich Incubator to hatch into a fully grown Ostrich. You craft an Ostrich Incubator from Professor Snail, requiring 50 Bone Fragments, 50 Hardwood, and 20 Cinder Shards. It takes 12 days to make an egg hatch in an incubator.

Once you have a good number of Ostriches, their eggs can be made into mayonnaise. Each egg produces 10 batches of mayonnaise, which is nice for selling or creating coleslaw and fish tacos. Not bad healing!

If you want a good mayo farm, then Ostriches are a decent option!

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