Stardew Valley Magma Cap | What is it, What Does it Do?

Stardew Valley magma cap

Stardew Valley patch 1.5 introduced a ton of new content in the Volcano Dungeon. There are new things for any class to do! If you’re interested in foraging, you can find these fellas! Magma Caps are a new item in Stardew Valley and are pretty fantastic items for a prospective forager to go for. Our Stardew Valley Magma Cap guide will explain what’s good about it, and how you get it.

Stardew Valley Magma Cap

Magma Caps are magenta mushrooms located in the Volcano Dungeon near pools of magma. These are consumable items that sell for 400g, +100g per rarity (+200g at purple star).

How to Get It

Foraging is not exactly an essential stat to get if you want magma caps. These items are just found in the Volcano Dungeon. Be careful; there’s an enemy called the False Magma cap, so there might be an enemy waiting for you if you’re just expecting a quick grab-and-go!


The Magma Cap is quite handy and would be a consistent option if you’re looking for a good boost of healing. The Magma Cap heals between 175-455 energy and 78-204 health, depending on its rarity. Compared to other foragables, it sells for much more, though it’s rarity does make it hard to farm. If you find a Magma Shroom, try to get your high-level foraging friend on it (if possible). Rarity makes these things skyrocket in value!

These things can be tailored into a Magenta Shirt, the only item that can do so. If you like your rare colors, Magma Caps are here for you!

Harvey, Leah, and Linus all like Magma caps. Every other NPC is either neutral, or dislikes them. They’re not very useful for relationship building, which is good, because these things are a bit too rare to be throwing at villagers.

Clearly, the main cause of the Magma Cap is to offer a high-value foraging option, which is good! Make sure you are geared enough to handle the Volcano Dungeon before delving for this item specifically, and plan on staying down there for a few floors if you want to get a handful of these high-value items.

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