Dark Alliance Crossplay | Can You Play Across Consoles?

dark alliance crossplay

The new Dungeons & Dragons dungeon brawler, Dark Alliance, has just dropped onto PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. That means it’s time to brawl through beholders and demons alike with your friends by your side! However, like with all games, the system that you run it on will be crucial to your experience. Your friend might not have a high-end PC, you might not have a PS5… There’s a big problem here! And if you didn’t strategize with your friends, someone might have to return the game. So, the question is; Can you play Dark Alliance with your friends using crossplay? Or do you need to keep everyone on the same platform?

Does Dark Alliance Have Crossplay?

Dark Alliance has crossplay specifically between Xbox and PC. For PlayStation owners, there is cross-generation play; a PS4 user and a PS5 user can party up to take on Dungeons & Dragons foes. The same goes for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S owners. However, as of right now, there are no crossplay options between Xbox and PlayStation.

This is the industry standard for now, it seems. It is always tricky to get a game to run between consoles, and Dark Alliance is being brought up by a small start-up studio. Of course bridging the console gap would be next to impossible! It seems that, this time, you’ll have to dungeon crawl based on your playing console.

The PC and Xbox versions have very good crossplay experiences since Windows and Xbox are owned by the same company. That means the party can be 2 PC users and 2 Xbox owners with no real problems.

The PlayStation version still works if someone buys a PS4 version and someone else buys the PS5 version. Thankfully, it seems Sony wasn’t that picky about cross-generation gameplay. Right now, there seems to be no way to get PlayStation players to be able to play with PC players, or with Xbox players. There is a chance that may be added in future updates, but… Don’t hold your breath for it.

We hope this helped you with your Dark Alliance journey, and we wish you luck coordinating with your friends in the future.

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