Spelljammer Spells Guide

Spelljammer is here, and we have new spells to unleash on the D&D world as well! In addition to a bunch of new player options, Spelljammer also offers two new spells that fit perfectly into the wildspace theme. Our Spelljammer spells guide covers everything you need to know about both options. You can also see our individual guide for each spell for a detailed breakdown of when these spells are best used.

spelljammer spells

Spelljammer Spells

There are two spells to choose from in the new Spelljammer offering. Each of them is thematic and relates to operating in wildspace. Air Bubble provides a potentially life-saving tool for an adventuring party trapped in wildspace, while Create Spelljamming Helm allows you to build your own ship.

Air Bubble

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Air bubble is an interesting option for a second-level conjuration spell. As an action, you can create an air bubble on any creature within 60 feet of you. This air bubble covers their head (or one of their heads, if they have multiple) and provides breathable air for 24 hours. This spell does not require concentration, which is helpful in combat. In many ways, this spell is the space version of Water Breathing.

In fact, the spell can replace Water Breathing in a pinch. While it works in space and underwater to prevent suffocation, it only works on one target. You can cast it at higher levels to cover more targets, but it would take a high spell slot to cover as many party members as Water Breathing.

Create Spelljamming Helm

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Create Spelljamming Helm is also a situational spell, but it is an exceptional option for spacefaring campaigns. A Spelljamming Helm is the magical seat that gives a spelljammer its ability to traverse wildspace. The spell itself is simple: it creates a spelljamming helm. if a ship has a spelljamming helm, you can move it through space, air, or water. This spell is 5th level and requires a crystal rod worth at least 5,000 gp, which is consumed. This is spell is as situational as it gets, but casting it and creating your own spelljammer is a transformative moment in any campaign.

Concluding our Spelljammer Spells Guide

With only two spells that are highly situational, the odds are low that anyone is picking up this book for spells alone. However, there is a bevy of player options available in Spelljammer. Stick with us as we break down all of them.

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