Create Spelljamming Helm 5E

There’s plenty of magic in the newest D&D setting: Spelljammer. There are magical ships, magical items, and even a few new spells available to players. These spells are fairly specific to the setting, but they are very useful in the right circumstances. One cool but situational example is Create Spelljamming Helm. Learn about it with our Create Spelljamming Helm 5E Guide.

Create Spelljamming Helm

create spelljamming helm 5e
Create Spelljammer Helm
Level: 5th
School: Transmutation
Class: Artificer, Wizard
Range: 60 feet
Components: V, S, M (crystal rod worth at least 5,000 gp, which the spell consumes.)
Casting Time: 1 Action
Duration: Instantaneous

Spell Description

Holding the rod used in the casting of the spell, you touch a Large or smaller chair that is unoccupied. The rod disappears, and the chair is transformed into a spelljamming helm.

What is This Spell?

There are situational spells, and then there is Create Spelljamming Helm. This spell does one thing, and one thing only: allows you to create spelljamming helm. A spelljamming helm is the magical seat that allows a character to pilot a spelljammer. Obviously, there is a situation where this spell is useful. That situation just happens to be very, very narrow. Anyone playing in a non-Spelljammer setting will get zero use out of this spell.

Then there is the cost. Casting this spell requires (and uses up) a crystal rod worth at least 5,000 gp. While this is notably less expensive than simply buying a helm or a functioning spelljammer vessel, it is still prohibitively expensive. There is also the fact that even many spelljammer campaigns will never reach a point where a new spelljamming helm is necessary.

WHo Can Cast Create Spelljamming Helm?

Only characters with Create Spelljaming Helm on their spell list can cast it. There are no backgrounds or subclasses that grant access to this spell. The spell is limited to the lists of only two classes: artificer and wizard. It makes sense that this spell would fall under the purview of the intelligence-based casters.

Is Create Spelljamming Helm Worth Learning?

Only if you need to create a spelljamming helm. And only if you can afford it. This is the type of spell that will never get used in most campaigns, and might only get cast once in a spelljammer setting. The creation of a spelljamming helm is a fairly major

When to Use Create Spelljamming Helm

You should use Create Spelljamming Helm when you want to create a spelljamming helm. That’s it. That’s all it does.

Conclusion – Our Create Spelljamming Helm 5E Guide

Along with Air Bubble, Create Spelljammer Helm is one of only two new spells in Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. While it has its purpose, it is so situational that you could go a full campaign without ever casting it. In the right campaign, creating a helm and sailing off into space on your own Spelljammer could be a powerful moment.

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