Air Bubble 5e | 2nd Level Conjuration Spell

After years of speculation, it has finally arrived: Spelljammer. Fans of this setting have been waiting a long time for this day, and Wizard of the Coast has finally delivered. The three-book set includes adventures, monsters, and tons of player options. While there are only two new spells in Spelljammer, they are both highly thematic. Learn more about one of them with our Air Bubble 5E Guide.

Air Bubble 5E Guide

air bubble 5e
Air Bubble
Level: 2nd
School: Conjuration
Class: Artificer, Druid, Ranger, Sorcerer, Wizard
Range: 60 feet
Components: Somatic
Casting Time: Action
Duration: 24 Hours

Spell Description

You create a spectral globe around the head of a willing creature you can see within range. The globe is filled with fresh air that lasts until the spell ends. If the creature has more than one head, the globe of air appears around only one of its heads (which is all the creature needs to avoid suffocation, assuming that all its heads share the same respiratory system).

At Higher Levels. When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 3rd level or higher, you can create two additional globes of fresh air for each slot level above 2nd.

What is This Spell?

Spelljammer is set in wildspace, so it goes without saying that air bubbles that allow characters to breathe is certainly useful. At second level, the spell provides one creature with a magical air bubble that allows them to breathe without suffocating. It is possible to provide additional bubbles to other creatures by upcasting. You can add two additional targets for each level you increase, so casting at level 3 gives you three targets, while casting at level 4 provides you with 5.

Who Can Cast Air Bubble?

This spell is limited to those classes who have it on their spell list. Thankfully, it is available to five individual classes. Artificers, druids, rangers, sorcerers, and wizards can find this spell on their spell list.

Is Air Bubble Worth Learning?

Air bubble is situationally useful, especially during a Spelljammer campaign. It is a useful tool for avoiding the suffocation condition in wildspace, so the extent of its usefulness will depend on the nature of your campaign. Planning extensive swashbuckling in the skies? It’s not a bad idea to have this prepared. Otherwise, you can skip it. It is probably wise to coordinate with party members on this spell, as casting it once at fourth level should cover most parties for a full 24 hours. Since it is not concentration, there is likely no need for multiple members to have it prepared.

When to Use Air Bubble

Air bubble only takes an action to cast, so there is often time to make use of this spell in a pinch. However, there is little downside to casting it early if you suspect that you would find yourself in the wildspace sooner rather than later. The spell lasts 24 hours and does not require concentration. Much like mage armor, it can be cast early and left in place until you need it.

Air Bubble vs. Water Breathing

There are some similarities between Air Bubble and Water Breathing in that both spells potential prevent suffocation. Both of these spells are situational, and while there is some overlap, the right time to use each one is fairly different. Air Bubble could be used in an emergency to allow for underwater breathing in addition to using it in space. However, it is inferior to Water Breathing for these purposes in most ways. Water breathing can target up to 10 targets when cast at 3rd level. You would have to cast Air Bubble at level 7 to have that many targets. Water Breathing also has the advantage of being a ritual spell.

Conclusion – Our Air Bubble 5E Guide

That wraps up our guide for the spell Air Bubble. Like the other Spelljamer spells, this option is as situational as it gets, but in a Spelljammer campaign it could be an important staple. It is worth having a character keep this in their back pocket any time your party heads to space.

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