Spelljammer Races Guide

There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the release of Spelljammer by Wizards of the Coast. In addition to a new adventure and a large bestiary, this project also offers numerous player options. If you are like me, the expanded choices for playable races are the most exciting part of the book. Want to learn all about the spacefaring elves and sentient oozes in Spelljammer? Keep reading our Spelljammer races guide.

Spelljammer Races

spelljammer races

In total, there are six new races on offer with Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. Some of these are unique to the setting, while others are classic races that we’ve seen in other worlds over the years.

Astral Elves

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the astral elves are iconic denizens of wildspace. These elves often play an important role in shaping the future of space. These elves can trace their lineage to the Feywild. Aeons ago, these fey creatures traveled from their home to explore the Astral Plane. The proximity to the Gods has imbued astral elves with sparks of divine light, leaving a notable gleam in their eyes.

Astral elves have inherent magical abilities, able to cast dancing lights, light, or sacred flame at will. they also have standard attributes like darkvision and fey ancestry. The most interesting aspects of this race are two new attributes called Starlight Step and Astral Trance. Starlight Step allows you to teleport up to 30 feet without spending a spell slot. Astral Trance lets you rest without the need for sleep.


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Autognomes are mechanical beings created by rock gnomes in their own image. Over the years, some of these creations have been separated from their makers. this has resulted in many autognomes striking out on their own as adventurers. While able to speak gnomish, these constructs are built from gears and metal instead of muscle and bone.

Unlike most gnomes, autognomes share the standard 30 feet walking speed that most humanoids have. The autognome race also includes a number of interesting attributes. You gain natural armor based on your dexterity bonus. You can also expend a hit die any time someone casts Mending on you. Autognomes also benefit from Sentry’s Rest and Mechanical Nature, so you can’t be poisoned, don’t eat or drink, and don’t need sleep.


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the Giff are broad-shouldered hippo-like creatures that are a favorite among many players. Large and unmistakeable, Giff are a constant presence in the world of Spelljammer. Giff primarily live among the stars, as their homeworld is gone and forgotten.

There are a lot of favorable attributes for the Giff. For starters, they get a swim speed equal to their walking speed. They also have proficiency in firearms if your campaign utilizes those optional rules. Your physical build is impressive, providing advantage on strength checks and saving throws. The Giff also have Astral Spark, which allows you to channel the power of the Astral Plane to deal additional force damage with your attacks.


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The Hadozee are simian beings who have physical gifts that allow them to adept well to Wildspace. Hadozee hail from the homeworld of Yazir. While originally timid mammals no larger than housecats, the Hadozee have developed into a sentient race after being fed an experimental elixir by a powerful wizard.

When it comes to attributes, Hadozee have incredible mobility. In addition to a climbing speed equal to their walking speed, they are also able to glide. Hadozee are also resilient, with heightened defenses from their magical nature. You can use your reaction to reduce the damage you take based on a d6 roll.


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Plasmoids are the first ooze-based playable race in 5E. These amorphous beings have no standard shape, but they often take the general form of a humanoid when among other adventurers. Plasmoids absorb food through osmosis and do not have bones or organs. However, they are capable adventurers that can detect light, heat, sound, and vibrations.

Plasmoids are amorphous. They can squeeze through narrow spaces so long as they are not carrying anything. They also have darkvision and can hold their breath for up to an hour. Plasmoids also have natural resilience to acid and poison. The most interesting aspect of Plasmoids is the Shape Self ability. You can take the shape of a humanoid or a blob, and interact with objects using your pseudopod.


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The Thr-kreen are insectoids with two sets of arms. These creatures do not speak, and the communicate through clacking their mandibles. Thankfully, they also have a form of telepathy to communicate with non-Thri-kreen.

Thri-kreen have plenty of fun attributes, starting with second set of arms that can carry a light weapon or interact with objects. They have darkvision and do not require sleep. Thri-kreen also have natural armor and a limited form of telepathy they can use to speak with anyone that is willing – regardless of languages they know.

Concluding our Spelljammer Races Guide

That’s it for our Spelljammer Races Guide. If you are planning a Wildspace campaign, you have six new options to choose from. There is something to like about all of them in my opinion, even though I partial to Plasmoids. I’d love to hear your thoughts in our comment section. if you need more Spelljammer player options, see our breakdown of the new Spelljammer spells.

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