Remnant: From the Ashes – Undying King Choice

remnant from the ashes undying king choice

Deciding who to give the Beast’s Heart to in Remnant From the Ashes can be a tricky decision
to make. No matter who you choose, you will be rewarded in some way. But by choosing one
path over the other you may receive a better reward. Learn more with our Not sure what choice to make when it comes to the Undying King? Figure it out with the help of our Remnant from the Ashes Undying King choice guide.

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Remnant From the Ashes Undying King Choice | What to do with the Heart

If you’re looking for the Remnant From the Ashes Undying King choice results then we’ve got the answers right here!

Giving the Beast Heart to the Undying King

Making this choice will result in a reward from the Undying King. You can expect a melee scythe
named Riven and you will be healed. The weapon itself is pretty good, it initially gives you an
addition of 5 and has a 50 damage rate. Unfortunately, giving the heart to the Undying King also
prevents you from giving it to the Fairy Queen later. The gift from the Fairy Queen is a Slayer
Armour Set and can be helpful against guns with low ammo. You’ll have to decide which item you’d rather have when making the choice.

Refusing to Give the Undying King the Beast Heart

If you feel like fighting then you can refuse to hand over the heart. The good news is, even if you
lose the fight you can talk to him again so the pressure isn’t as high. Beating the Undying King
will give you a rifle called Ruin and the Kingslayer Trait. This is arguably the better choice
because the Kingslayer Trait will give you an additional 2.5% to critical hit damage and Ruin is a
3 round burst, modded weapon. If you can keep up in the boss fight then you’ll enjoy this
handsome reward, plus you can go to the Fairy Queen and get her Slayer Armour Set as well.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Remnant from the Ashes Undying King Choice Guide. Know which way you’re going to go? Let us know in the comments.

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