Remnant: From the Ashes Carapace Armor Guide

remnant from the ashes carapace armor

The Swamps of Corsus DLC is breathing new life into Remnant: From the Ashes. While crafting items (Like the Spitfire!) has always been part of the game, Swamps of Corsus has added some new, fun wrinkles to your crafting options. Oen of those additions is the Carapace Armor. Keep reading to learn more with our Remnant From the Ashes Carapace Armor Guide.

Remnant From the Ashes Carapace Armor

Getting the Carapace Armor requires some time and luck. It’s not as simple as finding some items and putting them together with a crafting recipe. If you want the Carapace Armor, you will need to first obtain three Hardened Carapace for each piece of the armor set you wish to create. We discuss finding Hardened Carapace below.

To trade the Hardened Carapace for armor, you will first need to obtain the Parasite condition. You can find the enemies that give this condition on the Swamp of Corsus map. Generally, they are below ground in tunnels and mineshafts. Drop their health to around 25 percent when fighting them, but do not kill them. Then, you will need to let them infect you with parasites. This involves facing them until they grab you. Once grabbed, you will have the Parasite condition that drops your HP by 50 percent.

The good news is that this condition will allow you to speak with the Brain Bug boss instead of fighting it. Find the Brain Bug and start a conversation. You can now trade three pieces of Hardened Carapace for a piece of Carapace Armor.

How to find Hardened Carapace

You will only find the Hardened Carapace in the Swamp of Corsus. You can find these items in the Hall of Whispers, which you will typically encounter shortly before the Dream Eater boss fight. It will have a large doorway similar to a mountain just as you enter.

Inside the Hall of Whispers, you will need to look for the room with a giant bug. The bug often tries to escape, so kill it quickly. This bug is randomly generated and will either be red or black. While the red beetle drops some useful items, only the black one will drop a hardened carapace. All you can do is restart adventure mode until you get enough of the right bug, which will not be quick.

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