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paladin feats

The paragons of the gods in Dungeons & Dragons 5E are all extremely powerful. They quest across the world, bound by a code, blessed by the gods… The Paladin is probably the class that makes the most sense to gain feats during their journey. That doesn’t mean that they are the best mechanically for Feats, however. There are a ton of good feats for them, and if you need help gathering some good options, then our Paladin feats 5E guide will help you out.

Top 10 Paladin Feats for 5E

Before you start collecting feats, we suggest that you increase your Strength or Dexterity to 20; whichever statistic you use for your weapons. This will ensure that you land weapon attacks and deliver your Smites with perfect accuracy. You may also want to increase Constitution or Charisma before taking feats, but those stats are less important in general.

10. Resilient

The Paladin is already insanely good at defending against spells. What do you need Resilient for? Well, the Paladin is great at most saves, but if you want to be the best anti-mage around, you’ll need one more proficiency; Wisdom. Buffing your Wisdom by +1 isn’t a bad idea, but getting Wisdom Save Proficiency… Now that’s smart! Avoid any accidental mind-control effects with ease!

9. Charger

Getting into melee range of your opponents can be hard as a Paladin, especially without magic solutions. Charger offers a costly but effective method of getting into melee. You double your Movement Speed with a Dash and still get a Weapon attack… With +5 damage… That you can Smite with. This can be shockingly effective. Seriously, if you have trouble getting into melee easily, give Charger a try. It can hurt people a lot!

8. Inspiring Leader

Inspiring Leader is a weird feat, in that it basically just gives health. Well, that’s not very truthful; you give a lot of health! After a short rest, you can give your party up to 25 health at level 20 with no magical items. That’s a ton! That can soak up a hit from a spell or weapon attack. And you can do it more than once per day! This is a great way to add some extra value to a Short Rest.

7. Mage Slayer

Paladins are possibly the best anti-mages in the game, and Mage Slayer just makes things easier. You get opportunity attacks against spell casts, which is great. You get to disrupt concentration easier, which is even better. And, you even get to resist magic that comes from nearby! For a Paladin, this might as well say you have immunity to magic, because surely you won’t roll badly twice on a saving throw! Seriously, if you’re in a campaign and fighting magic users, check this out!

6. Lucky

All classes can benefit from Lucky, but Paladin is actually really good with it. Lucky gives you 3 rerolls on attack rolls, saving throws, or ability checks. It can also reroll attack rolls against you. These are targeted rerolls, allowing you to save yourself from the worst possible moments. Needed to Smite the boss and you rolled a 1? Lucky can help. Did the Giant critically hit you? Lucky can help. Failed the save against Dominate Monster? You get another chance. This is a great feat all-around, but suffers from no ability score improvement.

5. Crusher / Slasher

Depending on your weapon of choice, Crusher or Slasher can be useful. Both are weapon-based feats that let you get a +1 to Strength. Of the two, Crusher boasts an incredible Critical Hit effect of giving your party advantage to attack the enemy and Constitution as an option for your +1. Slasher, meanwhile, is better for locking down opponents without critical hits, and gives Dexterity as the +1 option. Both are useful; it’s up to you to decide what weapon types you’re more likely to use!

4. Fey Touched

This is a weird choice for a Paladin… Weirdly great! +1 Charisma shouldn’t go amiss. Then, you can get Misty Step… As a Paladin! You weren’t doing much with your Bonus Action anyways, so jumping 30 feet for free in any direction is pretty great! Also, you get another spell. This can be Hunter’s Mark for more damage, Hex for Necrotic damage coverage, Compelled Duel… The world is your oyster!

3. Great Weapon Master

Paladins make for great two-handed weapon builds. Great Weapon Master lets you drop a +10 to damage on someone’s head, at the cost of -5 to your accuracy. The Paladin doesn’t have many ways to make up for this accuracy issue. But, the chance of dealing that much damage is too good to miss! If you are a big damage dealer, get this feat.

2. Alert

The Tank is a good choice to get into a fight early. Alert gives you a massively higher chance to go first in a fight. You can rush in, lock down enemies with Opportunity Attacks, and Smite a priority target. That’s huge for a Paladin! You also don’t get attacked with advantage when you are struck from stealth; a good situational bonus. Overall, a really good choice for the paladin who is the first into a fight.

1. Sentinel

Sentinel is by far the best Tank feat in the game. The ability to lock down an enemy from moving is absolutely absurd. Keep them perfectly in place and let your magic users and melee allies drown them in damage. In 5E, positioning is crucial, and you just became the master of it! If that wasn’t enough, you also get extra swings if they don’t attack you, and you straight-up ignore Disengage. Good grief, talk about oppressiveness!

Conclusions – Best Paladin Feats

Paladins are great with feats. Did we miss any important ones? Did we overvalue Sentinel or undervalue Lucky? Tell us in the comments below, and give us your favorite Paladin feat that we missed out on!

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