Spelljammer Magic Items Guide

Spelljammer fans rejoice! With the recent release of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, we have a bevy of new options for Wildspace campaigns. In addition to new spells and races, we also get a handful of new magical items that are perfect for adventures traversing space aboard a Spelljammer. Learn about all of them with our Spelljammer Magic Items Guide.

New Spelljammer Magic Items

spelljammer magic items

There is little doubt that magical items are not the centerpiece of Spelljammer: Adventures in Space. There are only three new magical items in this release, but each of them are useful and thematic. The new magic items include the Fish Suit, the Spelljamming Helm, and the Wildspace Orrery.

Fish Suit

Good ol’ Fish Suit

The Fish Suit is a very rare wondrous item. This bulky sute fully encases a character’s head and body. While wearing it, that character can breathe in an airless environment. It also renders the character immune to harmful effects related to the surrounding gases. The Fish Suit also provides a swim speed equal to your walking speed in water and a flying speed in space.

Spelljamming Helm

A Spelljamming Helm is a magical ornate chair that is used to turn a standard ship into a Spelljammer. When attuned to this chair, a character can navigate the Spelljammer through water, land, or air depending on the design of the vessel. It is possible to creat these items by using the Create Spelljamming Helm spell. These wondrous items are rare and often cost thousands of GP to create or even more to purchase.

Wildspace Orrery

This uncommon wondrous item is a useful object aboard any Spelljammer. When inside a Wildspace system, the orrery projects a display of the current solar system. This display not only includes the positions and movements of planets and stars, it also reflects the current location of the orrery itself.

Conclusion – New Spelljammer Magic Items

That wraps up our guide on the new Spelljammer magical items. None of these are overly exciting, although Spelljamming Helms could be a central point to a Wildspace campaign. Interested in some of our other Spelljammer content? check out our breakdown of the new Air Bubble spell.

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