Did Wild Beyond the Witchlight Include New Subclasses?

wild beyond the witchlight subclasses

Unfortunately for fans of brand new archetypes, the new D&D adventure Wild Beyond the Witchlight did not include any new subclasses. While that might be a disappointment to some, the book includes a wide range of useful content for any campaign. Sure, the focus of the adventure is on the Feywild, but there are a number of character options available in this supplement. Each of these options is viable for campaigns in our outside of the Feywild.

New Backgrounds

Wild Beyond the Witchlight offers two new backgrounds for your next campaign. Both of these are specific to the Feywild if not the adventure itself. The Witchlight Hand has a background tied to the Witchlight Carnival that is the starting point of this adventure. the Feylost is a more general option but it is also rooted in the Feywild.

New Races

Arguably the best part of Wild Beyond the Witchlight are the two new races offered in the supplement. The first option, the fairy race, has been a long time coming to 5E. This is shaping up to be one of the best races in the game as it offers natural flight, innate spellcasting, and flexible ability scores.

The Harengon is the second option. This race of rabbitfolk is a nice addition with a series of racial traits that fit the theme of a nimble bunny. While not as strong as the fairy race, there is a lot to like about this addition.

Missing Out on Wild Beyond The Witchlight Subclasses?

I feel your pain. The good news is that there is hope on the horizon. The next 5E supplement due out this year, Fizaban’s Treasury of Dragons, includes draconic-themed subclasses as well as a host of other new player options. As always, Nerds and Scoundrels will be here to break down those new options for you as soon as they are official.

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