Greedfall Stones Puzzle Order | Beating the Demoniacal Quest

Greedfall Stones Puzzle Order

Exploring side quests and the rest of the world of GreedFall has had players busy and, at times, confused. When you’re not playing the drums for demons or hunting down alchemists selling cure-alls you might find yourself solving cult puzzles. If “The Demoniacal Quest” has left you stumped then have no fear, we’ve got the breakdown on how to solve this puzzle.

Greedfall Stones Puzzle Order Guide

During the beginning of this quest you will meet a villager that you have to follow to see what they’re doing. When you’re following this villager, you’ll find a tree that puts images into the mind of your character. The images put into the character’s mind are actually clues for lighting candles and solving the puzzle.

Once there is a circle of stones around your character, you’ll only be able to move forward by lighting the correct candles. Lighting the candles in the right way will open a path beneath the tree that you can follow. To do this, go around the circle and look at each stone so you know what they all mean. After you know which stones are which, only interact with the correct stones in the correct order. The order for lighting the stones is: Wind, Lightning, Fire, Death, Water, and Life. After you light the candles in that exact order you will see the path and the door will open.

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Throughout your journey in GreedFall you’ll come across a lot of different puzzles and quests. One of our favorites is the Drums Puzzle. If you’re looking for more guides and tips while you play then check out the rest of the website!

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