Fire Emblem Engage Horse Manure | Should I Gift It?

Building a relationship with the other playable characters is an important part of Fire Emblem Engage. One of the ways you can do this is by giving gifts. Each time you give a gift to a character, it improves the relationship points they have with you. But what if your gift is just horse manure? You can get the scoop in our Fire Emblem Engage horse manure guide.

Should I Gift Horse Manure in Fire Emblem Engage

fire emblem engage horse manure

Horse manure is not hard to come by in Fire Emblem Engage. You can discover it out in the wild, but the easiest way to secure it is at the stables in Somniel. You will receive a notification when you appear at the stables when manure is available. While it is not always going to be an option for you, it is relatively easy to farm manure here.

Despite its status as horse poop, the manure is classified as a gift in the game. While that might sound ridiculous, there is a good reason to give it away. At least, there is a humorous reason to give it away. Each character you interact with has a unique response when given horse manure. These responses are funny, albeit always negative.

The good news is that there are no real repercussions from giving manure as a gift. You’ll get your funny dialog out of it, but this will not impact relationship points or romantic interests. It really boils down to whether or not you want to get a reaction out of another character by gifting them poop. This important decision is solely up to you!

Have you gifted manure yet? If so, we want to see the responses you received. Drop us a line in the comment section and let us know.

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