Horraura – Ni No Kuni II Guide


Horraura – Ni No Kuni 2

Of all the tainted monsters in Ni No Kuni 2, Horraura is arguably the most difficult to defeat. Check out the Nerds and Scoundrels Guide to Horraura to learn to take her down.

  • Threat Level: 9
  • Location: Old Well (In the Circle, where the old boss used to be)
  • Reward: 133,335 EXP, 19,210G, Baleful Baton


Horraura’s Strengths

First things first; don’t try to take on this Tainted Monster without grinding levels first. Your best bet is to grind in the last Dreamers Maze, farming the nation’s beasts and final boss to at least reach Horraura’s level. Having the appropriate level is critical; otherwise she can one-shot you with a single spell.

The most difficult thing about battling her is that she can summon minion fairies. At level 77, they are powerful in their own right and will constantly attack. They are often summoned 4 or 5 at a time and can be respawned. The other thing that makes Horraura so difficult is her large light spell. The spell doesn’t need time to charge and has a wide area of attack. It’s difficult to dodge, with the best strategy being dodging away from it diagonally.

 Defeating Horraura

While taking her head on is difficult, there are some strategies that work very well. You’ll need to use Tani to defeat her. Tani is able to use the Soulbreaker from Jellena. You will also use the best poison bow you can find. The bows, as well as the item “gloopy curry”, can poison Horraura quickly which will greatly affect her. You can also use items that cause confusion against her with great effect. Finally, to increase your odds of this work use the Ring of Rancor to help make the ailments stick to her. Ultimately, you’ll just want to spam your triangle attack on her repeatedly while healing yourself along the way. At times she will bolt, forcing you to chase her down when she runs.

Want another trip for fighting the fairies? You can use Light Higgledy’s with “Higgledy SIrrah” status to summon knights. These knights can battle directly with the fairies, buying you enough time to take down Horraura.

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