High on Life: Who to Sacrifice?

You have a lot of choices to make in High on Life, and most of them are hilarious. At the end of the game, however, you have a tough choice that means curtains for one of your beloved talking weapons. You are asked to sacrifice one of these weapons, and Kenny volunteers. But do you have other options? See our High on Life Who to Sacrifice Guide to learn more.

Who Do I Have to Sacrifice in High on Life?

High on Life Who to Sacrifice

As the story of High on Life comes to a close, you are faced with a seemingly impossible task. Garmatuous has been defeated, but in order to take him down permanently, a bomb that was previously planted inside of him must be manually detonated. Kenny, who has had a delightful redemption arc throughout the story, volunteers to make the ultimate sacrifice and trigger the bomb. This might leave you with the impression that Kenny is your only option. That is not the case.

It is not necessarily predetermined that Kenny must be the one to do this. The possibility exists for another Gatlian to be chosen for this sacrificial role. It is worth considering all of your options, as each gun has some incredible dialogue as you make your decision. It is worth equipping each gun to see what they have to say about this act of sacrifice before making a decision.

Does The Decision Matter?

Not really. No matter who you choose, the ending is largely he same. The gun you sacrifice plants the explosives and is briefly assumed to be dead. However, the gun will eventually fall from the sky and miraculously survive the explosion. This final scene is largely the same regardless of your choice.

The Playing Favorites Achievement

One of the important considerations when you make this decision is how important the secret achievements are to you. If you want a 100 percent game score, your decision here will impact one of those achievements. That is because you can only gain the Playing Favorites achievement if you choose someone other than Kenny to sacrifice.

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