High on Life Volleyball | How Do I Play?

There are plenty of items to choose from in the game High on Life. Sure, you have talking weapons and a number of tools that are required to beat the game. You also have weird stuff that has little purpose like….volleyballs? If you’re trying to figure out what to do with the volleyball in High on Life, you’ve come to the right place. Learn more with our High on Life Volleyball Guide.

How to Get the Volleyball in High on Life

high on life volleyball

To obtain the Volleyball in High On Life, you need to visit the Moplet Mine Shop located within the G3 Mine. The volleyball can be purchased for 80 pesos, even though the usefulness of this object might not be immediately clear.

The volleyball does not have any specific function that you can use. It’s not a weapon, and it isn’t a useful piece of equipment in most cases. However, in one specific instance, you can use the volleyball as a useful distraction to avoid some combat.

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Using the Volleyball

Unfortunately, there are no volleyball games to be had in High on Life. That doesn’t mean the item is totally useless, though! If you bring a volleyball to a court in the G3 mines, the NPCs there won’t attack you. To find the court and use the volleyball, head to the right of the Mine shop. You’ll find a tunnel that has a few Luglox chests. continue on, and you’ll eventually find a giant robotic claw. You will need to travel through claw and into the tunnels beyond. Eventually, you will come to a crossroads with three paths. The middle route is what you are after. Through there, you will only need to slow down a fan with Sweezy’s Time Bubble.

This is where the volleyball comes in. Beyond the fan you will find enemies playing volleyball. If you’ve got your own volleyball on hand, they won’t attack you as you pass by. Without the volleyball, you can expect a fight. Whether or not this is a good use of pesos is up to you. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear you can join in a game of volleyball, but you might have found yourself a useful distraction. Good luck out there!

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