Is 7 Days to Die Cross Platform? (Answered)

7 Days to Die is a survival / horror game set in a fictional desert town in Arizona. The story centers on surviving a zombie apocalypse that followed a third world war that devastated the planet. The game is a lot of fun, despite the tense moments and – at least in my case – constantly getting eaten by zombies. But is it cross platform? Kinda. Let’s dive into the question “is 7 Days to Die Cross Platform.”

7 Days to Die is Partially Cross-Platform

Is 7 Days to Die Cross Platform

It’s true, 7 Days to Die is partially cross plat-form. So what does that mean? If you play on a console, I’ve got good news for you. 7 Days to Die is cross-platform between both Xbox and Playstation players.

Cross-platform play is available for both PS4 and PS5 users. That means that PS4, PS5, and Xbox users are all free to mix it up in that zombie-ridden wildlands of Arizona.

Will the PC Version Ever Be Cross-Platform?

While cross-platform play is not available for our PC brethren just yet, there is always the possibility that it is coming in the future. This game is still under development, with new patches for the PC version coming regularly. Maybe one of them will introduce cross-platform play? We can only wait and find out.

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