Forspoken: How Many Magic Types Are There?

Magic is a ccntral aspect of Forspoken. From booming fire spells to blinding light spells, you will have the chance to use a variety of magic throughout your gameplay. In total, there are four different types of magic in Forspoken. When we say different, we mean it. The four categories of magic drawn power from earth, water, fire, and light. To learn more about all of them, dive into our Forspoken How Many Magic Types Guide.

The Four Types of Magic in Forspoken

Forspoken How Many Magic Types

Magic in this game is described in different ways. Each type of magic is associated with a specific character, a color, and an elemental force. Every category includes offensive as well as defensive spells.

Frey’s Magic

Frey’s magic is also known as purple magic. This type of magical power is earth-based. Purple offensive spells usually involve summon rocks to launch at enemies. The defensive spells include creating stone screens, binding enemies with weeds, or planting magical traps.

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Sila’s Magic

Sila’s magic is also known as red magic. As you might have guessed, it draws its powers from fires and flame. Red offensive magic involves more than hurling fire, as many of these spells involve blades of flame. Defensive spells include summoning a host of fiery soldiers or building lava traps.

Prav’s Magic

Prav’s magic has also earned a color: blue. Blue magic in Forspoken is water based, and like the other types of magic includes both offensive and defensive spells. Offensive spells focus less on water, instead involving swarms of magical arrows. Defensive spells include creating water barriers or even vortexes that swallow your enemies.

Olas’ Magic

Olas’ magic is also known as green magic. This type of casting obtains its power from light itself. The offensive spells are similar to blue magic. Instead of shooting magical arrows, you use darts. Defensive spells involve illusory images and powerful storms.

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