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argonian names

Argonians are a well-known lizard-people race in fantasy worlds. Introduced all the way back in Elder Scrolls Arena, these are one of the most common inspirations for anthropomorphic lizards in the modern era. They are covered in scales, sometimes adorned with feathers or horns, and with a wide, long tail. They also have a pretty long and drawn-out history in the world of the Elder Scrolls. Whether you’re just making a character for fun, for a TTRPG, or for a mod, our Argonian Names guide will help make your argonian sound pretty legitimate.

Argonian Names 5E Guide

Argonians are a people with a run-down history of suffering and triumph… and then more suffering. Thanks to the Elder Scrolls games having a pretty stock list of Argonians, we actually have a great idea about their naming conventions. And, it’s an easy one to follow! Check it out if you actually want a realistic name for your Argonian.

How Do I Name My Argonian?

Argonians come from the land of the Black Marsh. This is a province of Tamriel, and deadly for most creatures. The diseases and angry wildlife make it nearly impossible to survive. That is, if the traveler isn’t Argonian. 

The Argonians trust the Black Marsh, and have fond memories of the swamp they call home. Their warriors are well-practiced in guerilla tactics; fitting, for the underwater society they hail from. Their culture revolves around the Hist trees, which are sap-giving trees that Argonians believe conscript the circle of life. This is likely superstition, but it affiliates an Argonian’s connection to nature – especially that of the Black Marsh.

This slight isolation from the other nations of the Empire gives Argonians a hardy culture, and a sense of that is seen in naming an Argonian. Argonian names fall into 3 categories; Single-word, Hyphenated, and Tamrielic. An argonian gets the first two categories (called a “Jel” name) if born in the Black Marsh and drink of the Hist Sap. An argonian gets a Tamrielic name if their normal name is otherwise inappropriate, or if born outside of the swamp.

Single-word argonian names pull from rather basic sounds; 1-4 syllables, a lot of emphasis on a, e, and u. Tends towards the middle/back half of the alphabet in terms of consonants. Hyphenated Argonian Names take two single-word argonian names and mash them together. Each half are 1-3 syllables. Again, more emphasis on a, e, and u, with more focus on the second half of the alphabet for consonants. 

Tamrielic names are basically words strung together, with or without hyphens. These are a series of words that can be 1-5 in length. The name tends to have a noun, and then either a verb or adjective beforehand. Occasionally, there can be a relationship instead.

Are Argonias Elves?

Argonians are not elves. Instead, they are a humanoid race of reptilian people hailing from the Black Marsh. For that reason, their naming conventions are quite different compared to elves.

Examples of Argonian Names

Male Argonian Names


  • Amusei
  • Asum
  • Chuna
  • Deekus
  • Madesi
  • Teegla
  • Ukawei
  • Usha


  • Ajum-Kajin
  • An-Zaw
  • Deetum-Ja
  • Geem-Jasaiin
  • Jaree-Eeto
  • Miun-Gei
  • Tar-Makka
  • Wuja-Lei


  • Deep-In-His-Cups
  • Iron-Heel
  • Makes-No-Soup
  • Scattered-Leaves
  • Seeks-the-Night
  • Sleeps-Beneath-Himself
  • Slides-Down-Hills
  • Three-Toes

Female Argonian Names


  • Ahaht
  • Beewos
  • Deeja
  • Droran
  • Inue
  • Keerava
  • Numeen
  • Padeehei
  • Pasha


  • Bur-Lei
  • Chee-Saak
  • Chukka-Li
  • Dan-Meesei
  • Dosu-Nur
  • Keel-Kia
  • Neeta-Li
  • Oleen-Ta
  • Shazara-Ta
  • Vetra-Jat


  • Eyes-Like-Night
  • Good-with-Numbers
  • Grayscale
  • Heat-On-Scales
  • Hides-Her-Heart
  • Plucks-the-Coin
  • Rising-In-Waters
  • Swims-to-Sea
  • Two-Tail
  • Walks-On-Air
  • Wanders-Far

Tamrielic names don’t need to be their personality; “Hides-Her-Heart” can be perfectly clear with her emotions, for example. That’s all you really need for Argonian names. If you’re interested in more about Skyrim, check out some Skyrim Fanfiction that’s actually pretty decent!

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