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ffxiv konogg alone

The YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse raid is continuing right into patch 5.5 of Final Fantasy XIV. The quest “Konogg, Alone” is the first YoRHa quest in patch 5.5, and is the first quest before the third and final raid of the Dark Apocalypse. This is an essential step, if you’re looking to get some awesome NieR cosmetics and the crossover storyline. However, you’re going to need to do the first two raids first! If you’re having trouble finding or getting through FFXIV Konogg, Alone, then we’re more than willing to help!

Konogg Alone FFXIV Guide

Konogg, Alone is unlocked after completing the quest “To Make Amends”, the last YoRHa quest of patch 5.4. That required you to complete the Puppet’s Bunker, the second raid of the NieR crossover. If you haven’t cleared the Bunker quite yet, then you should probably make sure you’ve done the raid content! They are available near the Dwarven city of Kholusia (x. 33, Y: 18) and are marked by a blue exclamation mark. Check it out if you can; the raids are honestly really fun, if you like mechanics and moving around.

Spoilers ahead!

The quest itself is rather simple; you start by talking with the Chief, who is worried about Konogg. You find him struck with a fever, and insist that he rests. The Chief wants to help Konogg out, and rushes to get something to help his fever. However, by the time you get back, Konogg has already left, heading back towards his crater. This time, the Chief is wanting to come with you, and won’t take no for an answer.

This is a fairly basic quest; none of your specific answers are going to change anything, nor do you need to answer correctly anywhere. Just follow along with the story and click on the things the game wants you to click on.

Konogg, Alone leads to “Brave New World” right away… And then you’re heading to the Tower at Paradigm’s Breach! Hope you’re ready for another tricky, but fun, raid in the near future.

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