Deep Sky Derelicts Achievements Guide

Deep Sky Derelicts Achievements

There are a ton of achievements to pick up in Deep Sky Derelicts. If you want to catch them all, you’ll likely need to place through more than once. What’s more, at least one of those playthroughs will need to be in Hardcore mode. Want a hand with picking up every achievement Deep Sky Derelicts has to offer? This guide from Nerds and Scoundrels has you covered!

Deep Sky Derelicts Achievements

There are a few different types of achievements in Deep Sky Derelicts. The easiest to pick up are Story Achievements; these are basically impossible to miss if you play through once. The full list of achievement types include:

  • Story Achievements
  • Campaign Achievements
  • Side Quests
  • Combat Achievements
  • Advancement Achievements
  • Energy Achievements
  • Unnatural Achievements
  • Anti-Achievements
  • Arena Achievements

Story Achievements

Story Achievements are as basic as you are going to find. They consist of goals that you can’t help but complete simply by playing the game all the way through.

  • First of Many – Find one piece of location data.
  • Glorious Monuments – Unlock the second tier of derelicts.
  • Majestic Monoliths – Unlock the third tier of derelicts.
  • You Made It – Reach the Mothership.
  • Welcome, Citizen! – Enter the Mirror World. Beat the campaign.

deep sky derelicts achievementCampaign Achievements

You will need to run through a campaign to complete these achievements. They take longer than almost any other achievement, as they require fully completing a campaign. It’s best to try and hit all of these on your first playthrough.

No fear of Zombies – Kill Necroguard without losing a character or retreating. These aren’t super difficult; if you are afraid you will have to retreat just skip and come back to them when stronger.

Energy Adept – Never run out of energy during a single playthrough. This one is easy as long as you don’t start a fight on low energy.

No Step Back – Complete the game without retreating from combat. You can obtain this on normal mode; I’d recommend trying to get it then as opposed to on your Hardcore run.

I’ll Buy My Own World – Have a cash balance of 100,000 credits. The easiest way to do this is to put three leaders in your party, each with Negotiator. You will then be able to buy and sell back items at a profit in the store.

Executive and Greedy – Complete all side missions on a single playthrough.

True Scavenger – Beat the game on Hardcore.

Side Quests

Each derelict has its own side quest. Many can be resolved without combat. You may not get a chance to complete every side quest in one playthrough. For many of these side quests, you can find them at the bar.

Diligent Trashman – Help Arberi by collecting 6 piles of trash.

Transhumanist – Help Espinoch transcend his flesh existence.

Standard Field Procedure – Collct and deliver fungus to Chapeau.

Appetite Ruined – Learn the secrets of eating in a space suit.

There are two sets of side quests that are mutually exclusive. If you chose one, you will need to complete the other on a second playthrough.

Toil / Parsimony – You will get a side quest from Salome, who is getting hassled by Parsons-T. You can either agree to destroy Parsons-T and get the Toil achievement, or find Salome and expose her to Parsons-T for the Parsimony achievement.

Smooth Talker / This Ship is Too Small for Both of Us – In one derelict, you will come across a rival scavenger group. If you get friendly with them, you will get the Smooth Talker achievement. If you destroy them, you will get This Ship is Too Small for Both of Us.

Not Like This – Defeat enough roving bands of Martyrs, and you will get the option to surrender. Get this achievement by surrendering. You will only get this chance once per game. Note: This will end your game.

Combat Achievements

These are straightforward and are achieved in battle.

Flawless Victory – Win a combat encounter without receiving any damage.

No Time Wasted – Win a combat encounter in one round.

Houdini – Play 4 or more cards on a single turn.

Da Blast! – Deal over 100 points of damage with a single attack.

Massive Impact – Kill more than one enemy with one attack.

Impenetrable – Have a character in combat with more than 200 shield points.

Trench Warfare – Have a combat encounter that lasts for 50 rounds.

Deep Sky Derelicts Achievements

Advancement Achievements

Errand Boy – Complete a contract.

Prepared for Anything – Have all character equipment slots filled.

Fully Proficient – Max out an ability.

Try’em All – Advance at least one character of a class to Level 2.

Never Too Versatile – Pick a specialization for a character.

Scavenger Elite – Get a character to Level 10.

Overskilled – Raise the skill of a character to 200.

Shiny! – Find and equip an Illustrious level piece of gear.

Boffin – Build all 18 research upgrades at the Research Workshop.

Energy Achievements

Completing these achievements involves accumulating energy resources. At the start of the game you will have 1000 energy. You can up that to 2000 with research upgrades.

No Life Without Sacrifice – Convert a piece of loot into energy.

Oxygen Not Included – Lose an entire party due to energy depletion.

Close Call – Successfully return to the station after running out of energy.

Unnatural Achievements

These achievements won’t always come up in your normal gameplay. In other words, you may need to go out of your way to get these.

Nobody Is Irreplaceable – Dismiss a character.

Let’s Try an Intern – Hire a mercenary.

Danger Zone – Enter a derelict two levels higher than your highest ranked character.

Professional Pride – Go to a derelict with three characters of the same class.

Uncontrollables – Go to a derelict with three aggressive characters.


These are achievements in name only; each of them are things you would normally want to avoid!

Rust in Peace – Lose a character in combat.

Fresh Loot – Lose an entire party in combat.

Tenacity – Win a fight with only one character remaining.

Animate – Revive a fallen character.

The Real Pain – Spend a total of 5000 credits on medical costs.

Game Over! – Lose an entire party in Hardcore mode.

Deep Sky Derelicts Achievements

Arena Achievements

You must win at arena mode to unlock these achievements:

  • Bronze Medal – Advance past the 5th encounter in Arena mode.
  • Silver Medal – Advance past the 10th encounter in Arena mode.
  • Gold Medal – Advance past the 15th encounter in Arena mode.
  • Arena Champion – Beat Arena mode.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our Deep Sky Derelicts Achievements Guide. Did you find this guide helpful? Let us know in the comments section below if we missed anything. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Deep Sky Derelicts content here at Nerds and Scoundrels.

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