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As a character improves in their worship to the Gods, they might become capable of incredible strength. In Dungeons & Dragons 5E, this is represented by the feats that they may collect as they level up. For a Cleric, the choice in feats might be a little bit strange; those who worship the Gods have many strong tools already, and the options given by Wizards of the Coast are all quite enticing. Our Cleric feats for 5E guide will help those who are looking for options select some good build paths.

Top 10 Cleric Feats for 5E

Before selecting a feat, we highly recommend that a Cleric reaches 20 Wisdom. Wisdom empowers your spellcasting, domain abilities, and chance to use Channel Divinity or Destroy Undead. Most of these feats will not be as useful as the consistency of a high Wisdom Score is. 

That being said, feats are a lot more fun, and their utility can and will come in handy! Here are some of our ideas for Cleric feat synergies.

10. Mobile

Mobile might not seem very impressive up-front, but it offers two major benefits. First, it gives 10 feet of movement speed. For a Cleric, that can be the difference of life and death; it might let you move into the range of an ally to save them. Or, for a Melee Cleric, it increases the chance that you can get into battle and make an Attack. 

The other upside is the ability to turn an Attack into a Disengage. This lets you get away from a melee enemy to get near an ally, and then heal them with Healing Word. Or, you can use it to disengage from a basic minion and get into melee range of a larger opponent. Either way, this feat is handy for melee clerics – and even ranged clerics, if you need an escape plan!

9. Observant

Simple, but effective. +1 Wisdom, allowing you to keep making your way towards 20. You can read lips, allowing you to mess up conversations and help people that you can’t hear.

Oh, and your DM is not going to get anything by you again.

With your massive Wisdom score – with the chance to get better with Proficiency in Perception – you’ll be rocking a 20+ on your Passive Perception. That’s absurd! You’ll easily be the reason that ambushes against the party fail, without spending a single spell slot.

8. Chef

Chef is more of a funny feat, but comes in surprisingly handy. +1 Wisdom or +1 Constitution; either is great for you. You get proficiency with a tool, which is whatever; Chef’s Utensils are great for RP and can actually solve a surprising number of hunger-based problems. However, you can heal people during a Short Rest for 1d8 as long as they spent a hit dice. That’s a free Cure Wounds during a rest, which shouldn’t go unnoticed. In addition, you can make between 2 and 6 little treats for your party. That means, after a Long Rest, you can create up to 36 health in temporary hitpoints. That is not bad at all! It’s actionable, and fits in with a Cleric’s support mindset.

7. Tough

Nice and easy, you get 40 HP by level 20. That’s enough to take 2 hits from most enemies, and enough to negate a spell entirely. That’s huge, especially since you’re the last person who should go down in a fight! 

6. Heavily Armored

For Domains that don’t receive heavy armor proficiency, this can be worth not increasing Wisdom. Heavy Armor is just so good. Plate Armor gives you 18 AC, which is more than any other non-magical armor in the game, even with 20 Dexterity. This means your Cleric can just ignore Dexterity and focus on other things, like Wisdom, Strength, and Constitution. Oh, and we hope you didn’t forget that you get a +1 in Strength or Constitution when you take this feat. Just to help you on the road!

5. Lucky

If you’ve ever rolled a dice with advantage, you know how important a second chance can be in D&D. Lucky lets you basically have advantage wherever you walk, 3 times in a day! That’s huge. For a Cleric, this should be used defensively; you want to stave off a spell that can take you out of the fight, or cause a critical hit to instead miss you entirely. Anything to keep you alive and able to heal or harm! Lucky will help you with that.

And, for aggressive Clerics, you can spend a Luck point to (hopefully) turn a missed spell into a hit. That can boost your damage by a lot, and potentially kill a monster who could have survived to attack again! 

Overall, Lucky is incredibly useful, but lacks a statistical increase. Great for emergencies!

4. Metamagic Adept

Metamagic Adept is pretty freakin’ awesome for a Cleric. This lets you pick up 2 Metamagic spells and 2 Sorcery Points. That means you can Extend a spell to put the enemy through hell. Or, you can Twin a Cure Wounds to increase your healing. Or, you can make it Distant to catch an enemy off guard. Your resource is limited, but being able to pull any of these options out of your butt will be exceptionally useful.

3. Fey Touched

Fey Touched is a good feat. A great feat. You get your +1 Wisdom, which is always fantastic. You also get Misty Step, perhaps the best 2nd level spell in the game. This is especially good for Clerics, since they don’t normally get access to Misty Step! Now, you can spend a Bonus Action to jump 30 feet and be in position to help an ally with a Cantrip, or smash an enemy with your weapon. The 1st level spell of your choice also comes in handy; 1st level Divination spells aren’t stellar, but Enchantments are actually amazing at level 1! Clercis can get things like Charm Person, Dissonant Whispers, Hex, Hunter’s Mark, Sleep, and Tasha’s Hideous Laughter. And that’s not even half of your options!

2. Alert

Going first in a fight is so important for a Cleric that we have Alert all the way up here. Alert gives you some benefits outside of increasing your initiative; immunity to Surprise is nice, as is not getting jumped by a stealthy or invisible creature. However, +5 to Initiative is…. so good. Being able to start a fight and immediately lock an enemy Wizard inside of a cage, or give your party Haste, will often be the difference between life and death. The more supportive and high Wisdom your Cleric has, the better your Alert is going to be!

1. War Caster

Topping the list of cleric feats is War Caster. War Caster is almost required for melee-ranged Clerics, and highly recommended for all Clerics. This class has a lot of Concentration-based spells; being able to reroll Concentration checks from being damaged will often be enough to save you. You can also get some better utility by not having to hold your Holy Symbol all the time. And, finally, you can use spells like Hold Person or Banishment instead of taking an attack of opportunity. That is hilarious and so strong.

Conclusions – Best Cleric Feats

How did we do? Did we get the order wrong? Should Resilient be up here instead of Mobile? Is Shadow Touched worth taking instead of Alert? Tell us in the comments, and share some of your favorite feats for Clerics!

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