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best magic items for sorcerer 5e

Your blood is filled with magic in Dungeons & Dragons 5E; it just takes a bit of raw talent to tap into it. The Sorcerer is exactly talented enough to cause their magical blood to explode into action. Using arcane powers from themselves, the Sorcerer can tear a battlefield apart and stitch it back together again. But even these demigods need a bit of help every now and then. That’s why this Best Magic Items for Sorcerer 5E Guide list exists; to help your sorcerer blossom into an absolute beast.

D&D 5E Sorcerer Magic Items

The Sorcerer has shockingly few weaknesses that Magic Items can cover. Your Attunement slots will probably go towards items that improve your durability and safety, or items that help make your spells more accurate. If your Sorcerer needs it, you can focus on items that allow you to gain more spell slots… Although, the Sorcerer already has plenty of magic.

Combat Magic Items

Elven Chain

This mundane little item is only here for one reason; waiving the Mage Armor tax. This thing gives you 14 base AC with no downside. It does have a Dexterity restriction, being Medium armor, but that usually won’t come into play. Especially if your Sorcerer is more Constitution focused than Dexterity focused. Great set of armor to throw over you if you’re in dire need of it.

Robe of the Archmagi

best items for sorcerer 5E

This is the cream of the crop. The Robe of the Archmagi is an insane Legendary magical item for any hard caster. To start, you have a base AC of 15. Stellar! No more Mage Armor, no more Elven Chain, and you can still wear Bracers of Defense or whatever. In addition, this is an Anti-Magic item; you get advantage on saves against spells. That means you don’t have to attune to a Mantle of Spell Resistance to be good against magic. Finally, you increase your Spell Save DC and spell attack roll by 2. That’s a lot! You don’t get many chances to boost your raw DCs, and this is one of them! The only one you get.

Staff of the Magi

This is your end-game weapon. Well, as long as you’re using standard DM rules and your DM isn’t pulling from other books. This weapon boosts your spell attack rolls by 2, which isn’t too good. However, you have 50 charges to work with. You get to eat magic with the staff as a reaction. Though, this item has Advantage on saves, which will coexist with your Robe of the Archmagi. That’s fine! Because this staff completely eats magic that targets you. And restores charges based on the spell level. Then, you can spend those charges on some rather insane spells, like 7th level Fireball, Conjure Elemental, Plane Shift, Web… There’s even more! Finally, you can suicide bomb. The bomb deals a maximum of 400 damage, and there’s a 50 percent chance that you teleport instead of dying. So… Kinda nice emergency escape? You should probably just Plane Shift instead, though. Great item for you.

Wand of the War Mage

Until you get that staff, the Wand of the War Mage will suit you well. It boosts the effectiveness of your cantrips and targeted spells. It also lets you ignore cover. How fun! Super basic, but super efficient, for any caster to use.

If using Tasha’s content, then you might want to find a Bloodwell Vial instead. That’s a Wand of the War Mage, but with DC increases and boosts to your Sorcery Point pool!

Weapon of Warning

You can wield a Weapon of Warning in your hand that doesn’t have a Spellcasting Focus. If you do, you get some great benefits; advantage on the start-of-combat Initiative check, and immunity to Surprise. Pretty good stuff! Having that higher chance to move early in a combat increases your chance to stop a threat before it can attack. Or, you might be able to end the fight all together with a good combination of Metamagic and early turns!

Winged Boots

This is only necessary if you find yourself casting Fly a lot. These boots will give you great defensive options against melee combatants, and let you stay “away” from your party while being nearby. Just make sure you have some way to turn Invisible if necessary.

Other Magic Items

Cloak of Invisibility

Permanent invisibility is kind of crazy. That means the Cloak of Invisibility is definitely crazy. At this point in the game, Invisibility isn’t foolproof. But for a lot of enemies, you’ll be impossible to see as you whip up massive storms of magic and ruin their life. The sole issue with it is that you have to attune, and you can only be completely invisible for 2 hours per day. This item is insane, and should be given to whoever does the best work with the lowest health in the group.

Mastery Ioun Stone

+1 to your Spell DCs, spell attack rolls, good saving throws… This Ioun stone does it all! This item will be a hot item to your entire party, so you’ll have to make a good argument as to why you should have it. Make sure to show off with some magic and how a 5% better DC will give your party a 5% better chance to win every single fight that you’re conscious of.

Ring of Spell Storing

Best Magic items for sorcerer 5e

While the Sorcerer has incredible spell lifespans… No spellcaster lasts forever. A Ring of Spell Storing, or a Reserve Ioun Stone, solves this problem by adding more spells to your pool. This means you can have spells that you constantly cast, like Fireball or Haste, in the ring to whip out at any time. The Ioun Stone only has up to 3rd level spells, but can work until you find the ring.

Tome of Leadership and Influence

+2 to Charisma. That’s what a Sorcerer is looking for! This bonus boosts everything about your magic. The magic which can turn villages into scrap metal, or cliffsides into tsunamis. Fight hard for this tome; out of almost any class in the game, you deserve it!


The Sorcerer does not need magic items to be a force of nature on the battlefield. We hope that this list covers all of the DMG and XGE magic items that you should keep your eyes out for. Making a Sorcerer into an even more dangerous weapon should be a top priority… And trust me; you can make them absolutely crazy.

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