Fey Touched Feat 5E Guide | Pros, Cons, and Builds

fey touched feat 5e

Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything introduced a ton of fey and psionic influences to the game. Fey Touched is a feat for those who were exposed to the magic of the Feywild… Which happens to be everywhere, so you don’t really need an excuse to take this! What you might need is a quick check-in to see if Fey Touched is worth it. If you want some ideas, check out our Fey Touched Feat 5E guide!

Fey Touched Feat 5E Guide

The Fey Touched Feat gives a +1 to Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma. In addition, you “learn” Misty Step and one 1st level Divination or Enchantment spell of your choice. You may cast Misty Step and that spell once per day without spending a spell slot. You can also cast those spells with your spell slots if you wish.


This is a pretty awesome feat! I’m fairly biased towards loving Misty Step. Being able to spend a spell to, as a Bonus Action, teleport 30 feet is just so good. With this feat, you get to Misty Step for free once, and then you’ve learned a spell that you have always ready… And Misty Step is always a good thing to have in your pocket!

How about the other spell? Are there many good 1st level spells in those categories? Well… Just a few… Like Hex, Hunter’s Mark, Tasha’s Hideous Laughter, Compelled Duel, Command, Dissonant Whispers, Heroism, Bless, Bane… Just to name a few! You have realistic options from this list. This is one of the few ways a Fighter  can get Hunter’s Mark or Hex, for example!

It doesn’t have any prerequisites, either. So a Barbarian can have access to Misty Step! That’s kinda cool!


Because of my biases, there aren’t too many! You’re losing an ability score improvement, which is huge. You’re essentially spending a +1 to an ability score to learn two spells. Instead of increasing your survivability, or dealing more damage… You learned Misty Step. After you reach 20 in your most important stat, this gets to be less of a con, but it’s still a little hard to swallow.

No other feat gives a 2nd level spell and the ability to cast it with your own slots. So in a way, this feat is far too unique to really be compared to other feats! Magic Initiate wishes it could do something like this!

Potential Builds

As was mentioned before, a Fighter can benefit a ton from this. An Eldritch Knight, for instance, can get a huge amount of damage from Hunter’s Mark or Hex, since the Fighter has 4 attacks naturally. They can also benefit from Misty Step, allowing them to reposition correctly to handle whatever situation comes.

Otherwise, it’s a pretty great feat on any class that doesn’t get Misty Step naturally… So, non-Sorcerer, Warlock, or Wizard types. Cleric comes to mind as getting fantastic value out of this ability, since they can teleport out of danger and then heal someone 60 feet away, or something like that.


Fey Touched is one of my favorite feats, just because it opens up so many kooky builds! Try it out on a class that doesn’t get Misty Step, and see how unlocking that spell benefits you. Just… try and make sure your character can handle not getting the bonus +1 of an Ability Score Improvement for a little while.


  1. Fey-Touched and its sister Shadow-Touched are especially great for sorcerers because they provide 2 useful utility and escape spells and in addition, they will free up to 4 known spells for the sorcerer to put them into other spells.

  2. For a paladin this feat is just devastating. The +1 is usually what i use for charisma to round out that ability as it is the main ability score for a good paladin. I never had a dm who could handle my paladin once she got past level 8 with this feat.

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