Assassin’s Creed Valhalla A Cruel Destiny Walkthrough

acv a cruel destiny

Your alliance with King Harold has just been established, much to Sigurd’s dismay. So now you must deal with the consequences, and plot to slay Kjotve! If you’re worried about missing any secrets, or having trouble with Kjotve, in “A Cruel Destiny”, then worry no longer; Nerds and Scoundrels has your back! You’re a different Eivor than you were in the tutorial, so now you should have much more luck against this marauder… right? Find out, in our A Cruel Destiny walkthrough!

A Cruel Destiny

To start the massive cutscene to begin this quest, you have to climb the tower a little. There’s a ladder inside of the tower so no need to try and scale from the outside… Though that may just be a me thing.


Once the glorious cutscene has ended, it’s time for a duel! Kjotve isn’t an easy fight, even on medium difficulties. When he is painted in red, that means there’s no blocking. Watch your stamina; if you find yourself dodging a lot, you can find yourself in an absolutely dreadful position. Keep back and attack him after he attacks, or just use a bow.

Once he breaks your health bar the first time, he’ll go to his pillar and grab his axes from it. That means the fight is beginning for real, so hopefully you were able to whittle his health bar down in phase one!

Axes in hand, his attacks can now possibly be blocked. But, he still can get red auras on his super swings, and blocking hits can be terrible for your stamina. Keep your distance and watch your distance. You should find that he doesn’t do quite as much damage now, but you can still only take a few hits before getting dropped. Keep your distance the best you can, but remember you have a limited supply of arrows.

The final phase has you being thrown into a pit. Do remember to use your healing mechanic (usually by hitting right on your D-pad) to restore about 50% health.

Once you break his stamina in this phase, move up and execute him. Stamina should break before his health is fully drained. This will trigger a cutscene to move the plot forwards, and let Eivor see Odin for the first time.

There is a gore warming if you might be squeamish! But it’s otherwise a pretty fantastic cutscene, and you should expect to see more like it in the future as you take down bosses.


Now, you have to raid the city! Make sure you equip your helmet to get your set bonus for the full Raven set. Then, you have to somehow get inside of the city so you can open the gates. Thankfully, the Raven clan brought a damn good ladder.

And now you basically enter another raid! Check in buildings and barracks for chests, look for destructible pottery, and open the gate quickly so that the rest of your army can join. Unlike the previous raid, some buildings might not be able to be entered quite yet. 

However, make sure to keep your eyes open for windows! You might be able to climb into places that you can’t walk in through the front door.

The red glowing objects can be destroyed with attacks, dropping the lock and letting lose the flood of Ravens.

Now you can truck to the end of the raid. There’s your first “big guy” enemy called Woe-Bringer. He has more stamina than a basic enemy, and a ton more health. Just dodge around him and hit him after he attacks and you should be fine.

He guards the last gate. To enter the last gate, find a nearby building with a ladder and rope connected to the final wall. It should be on the right side of the final gate. 

Climb that ladder and walk across the rope and you should be able to pop open that gate just like the last one and end this little blood feud once and for all. Just brawl through the rest of the town (and keep your eyes out for goodies!).

Once you enter the Temple, Gorm begins to light it aflame. Use the scaffolding to jump out of the window; it shouldn’t be too hard to find your way through, since Eivor is great at jumping!

Gorm will, unfortunately, escape you, and there’s no real way to keep him from getting out.

That ends the assault on Kjotve’s fortress! Blood feud has, unfortunately, not been redeemed, but there’s gotta be something for the story!

You can still loot the town after you’re done with the assault. So, if you missed any treasures, now is the time to get them. Though Sigurd’s dialogue can be somewhat magnetic, if you want to get your loot right now! Give him a wide berth, but don’t panic if you miss out on your loot. You’ve got plenty of time.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our A Cruel Destiny guide! This is the mission where you get the Iron Star weapon, so be sure to look around after the assault to collect your loot! And, if you’re wanting to see any more walkthroughs for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, be sure to keep checking our website!

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