Will Hogwarts Legacy Be Free?

The excitement for Hogwarts Legacy is palpable. The early reviews of the game have been favorable, and this has sent Potterheads into a frenzy. We’re still waiting on some of the most important details of the game, but we do have some information. Still wondering will Hogwarts Legacy be free? See our guide for everything you need to know.

Hogwarts Legacy Will Not Be Free

Will Hogwarts Legacy Be Free

If you were hoping to get your hands on Hogwarts Legacy for free, I’ve got some bad news for you. The game will require a purchase in order for you to play. Given the depth of gameplay, this should probably come as no surprise. Prices can vary, but according to the steam store, you can pre-purchase Hogwarts Legacy now for $59.99. If that price is too steep for you, there is no doubt it will go on sale eventually.

The Game Will Not Have Microtransactions

One bit of good news is that Hogwarts Legacy will not have microtransactions. This is nice, especially given the higher price tag associated with the game itself. The lack of any play-to-win vibes is much appreciated here.

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When Does Hogwarts Legacy Come Out?

Hogwarts Legacy isn’t here yet, but the day is drawing closer! Currently, Hogwarts Legacy is scheduled for release on February 10, 2023. It is worth noting that the game has been delayed before. While it would not be unthinkable to see another delay, all signs point to a February release.

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