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Feylost 5E

The Witchlight is home to an extremely varied class of fey creatures. In Dungeons & Dragons 5E, this is where your fey characters will shine! Occasionally, someone might walk into the wrong portal and end up in the Feywild. So, in the Wild Beyond the Witchlight, you can finally have a non-custom background to represent your character’s insanity! Learn what this background is good at in our Feylost 5E Background guide!

Feylost 5E Background

Feylost characters were lost in the Feywild for some time. Rather than being torn to shreds or killed by insanity, they lived. And the Fey not only accept them, but consider them an honored guest at any court’s table. No matter what, however, these characters no longer have their old lives to return to. They are permanently changed, and it is up to their friends and family to pick them up… Or send them on their way.


To start, you get a few mechanical traits that boost your proficiencies and grant you some starting items. 

  • Skill Proficiencies: Deception, Survival
  • Other Proficiencies: One Musical Instrument
  • Known Language: Elvish, Gnomish, Goblin, or Sylvan
  • Items: Musical Instrument, Traveler’s Clothes, Three Feywild Trinkets, 8 gp

A somewhat standard start. Deception and Survival is a cool combination that you don’t get to see on many backgrounds. A musical instrument is always fun, if not useful all the time. Elvish or Sylvan can come in handy for most campaigns, with Sylvan perhaps being a bit more useful for Witchlight campaigns. Finally, the items are solid, with 8 gp being a bit standard for Backgrounds. Overall, stellar starter kit.

Fey Mark

No matter how sturdy the mind, a Feylost does not come back unscathed. There’s always some sort of mark that the Fey leave behind. Below are 8 possible choices; you can roll for them, pick one, or come up with another of similar quality.

d8Fey Mark
1Your eyes swirl with iridescent colors.
2You have a sweet scent, like honey or nectar.
3You have whiskers, like a cat.
4You grow fur over your ears.
5Your skin naturally sparkles when exposed to the moon.
6Flowers wilt or bloom in your presence.
7Your hair is made of brambles or vines. It grows back 1 hour after being cut.
8You have a tail. It can be like a dog or another animal.

Feywild Visitor

While asleep, the Feywild sends spirits to a Feylost. The DM determines when the spirit comes, but the Feylost is encouraged to work with the DM on what form the spirit may take. The conversation between the two may last a minute or hours, and the conversation may be about anything. Thankfully, it will always be in a language that the Feylost can understand.

The Spirit may take the form of an Awakened Beast, a Centaur, a Dryad, a Faerie Dragon, a Pixie, a Satyr, a Sprite, or a Unicorn. In addition, DMs may help a Feylost come up with other options if wanted, such as a Fairy or Gnome with a particular connection to the Feywild.

Feature: Feywild Connection

Feylost are honored guests in the Feywild, and they are sure not to bring their guest to harm. Friendly Fey creatures tend to help you instead of harm you. In the Feywild, you will obtain their help consistently, which can make the insane plane much easier to process and work through.

Suggested Characteristics

The Feylost does not have characteristics unique to it. However, many fey creatures in the Witchlight tend to have a similar list of priorities. Including…

Personality Traits

1I constantly hear laughter in my head, causing me to lose track of conversations. At least it helps me smile!
2I can’t settle in a place for very long; the wind carries me!
3Good music makes me weep like a baby.
4I will always bring the warmth and tranquility of home with me.
5I have the same imagination and curiosity that I did as a child.
6New ideas make me super excited… But not as excited as the next idea!
7My own set of ethics and rules guide my hand.
8Adults are spooky; I can’t bring myself to trust them.


1Friendship (Good). Never leave a friend behind.
2Empathy (Good). Suffering is an unnecessary evil.
3Wonderlust (Chaotic). The less-traveled path is mine.
4Changeability (Chaotic). Adapting to every situation is important. Including adapting my rule set to whatever works.
5Honor (Lawful). A deal is a deal. You don’t break those.
6Rule of Three (Lawful). Everything is a rule of three. Everything happens in threes.
7Obsession (Evil). I don’t let go of grudges.
8Greed (Evil). I get what I want. That’s just what happens.


1My word is sacred to me.
2Magic is essential to the growth of the world and myself.
3Nature is worth protecting at all costs.
4A trusted friend is more important than the whole multiverse.
5Fey creatures are to be respected, feared, or befriended.
6The Witchlight Carnival is my home.
7The Feywild was absolutely astonishing… If only I may return someday.
8Mister Witch and Mister Light gave me a home. I must give something back.


1Time is a myth; one that gets me in trouble a lot.
2All eyes in the multiverse are on me.
3Everything must be on schedule, with deadlines. No ifs, ands, or buts.
4A brief spat of Kleptomania never hurt anybody…
5My mind wanders as much as I do, and I often forget simple things.
6I will always expect something in return for my gifts.
7I have vices, sure, but vices are made to be indulged.
8My mind changes constantly. Usually? Constantly.

Wrapping Up Our Feylost 5E Guide

The Feylost may feel at home in the new Wild Beyond the Witchlight, but that doesn’t mean they have to stay there. The Feywild can catch anyone off-guard! This background is great for any character in any campaign, especially for the new racial options like the Harengon. Be sure to talk to your DM to see if you can use this fun background.

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