Where to Find Crafting Workbench in Metro Exodus

One of the most important parts of Metro Exodus is crafting. Through crafting, you can obtain new gear, ammo, and weapons. While you can do some basic crafting in your backpack, having a crafting workbench will let you craft more complex items.

Metro Exodus Crafting Workbench Guide

In the tutorial, you will learn that there is a workbench at the Aurora. But that workbench isn’t available immediately. To use the workbench, you will need to complete part of the main story. Once you rescue the mechanic from the docks, you will have access to the workbench.

Metro Exodus Crafting Workbench

To unlock the workbench, go to the location marked on the maps. You will arrive at the docks where you will have to fight off some baddies. Once you rescue the mechanic, he will let you use his workbench. But at this stage of the game you aren’t just unlocking his workbench. When you complete the fight and save the mechanic, this unlocks all workbenches in the game for you. The most important factor is that after you rescue the mechanic, the workbench in the Aurora is available to you.

There are many workbenches throughout the rest of the game, and you will be able to craft your heart out on them. What are you going to build first?

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes our guide on Where to Find Crafting Workbench in Metro Exodus. Did you find it helpful? We hope so! And don’t forget to check out our rundown of the Metro Exodus Controls!

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