Two Point Hospital Ghosts Guide

Two Point Hospital Ghosts

Unless your newest playthrough of Two Point Hospital is intended to have a Halloween theme, you’ll want to get rid of any spooky ghosts floating around your hospital. This is a hospital game after all, and death is inevitable. But is it any surprise the wacky world of Two Point Hospital sees some deceased patients come back to haunt the premises? Keep reading the Nerds and Scoundrels Guide Two Point Hospital Ghosts Guide below.

Two Point Hospital Ghosts

Two Point Hospital Ghosts

It’s not hard to guess where the ghosts come from in Two Point Hospital. Each treatment offered by your hospital has a success rate, and unsuccessful treatments often lead to patients dying. There are several other ways for your patients to keel over including long queues and starvation, but those are ghost tales for another time. Regardless of how the patient dies, there is a random chance that they will come back as a ghost. There are no factors that can affect whether a ghost appears.

Ghosts present some challenges but also opportunities. While you will want to take care of ghosts as quickly as possible, it is possible that they can prove useful to your hospital’s research in limited situations. The major problem ghosts cause is that they scare patients and staff. Ghosts will send them running a terror. This gives every person that comes into contact with the ghost the negative trait “Scared of Ghost.” That trait reduces their happiness, which can snowball if the ghost is allowed to roam your hospital long enough. Ghosts also leave puddles of Ectoplasm, which must be mopped up. Ectoplasm can cause you to fail a Health Inspection. On the bright side, Ectoplasm can have be helpful to your disease research in the right situation.

Ghost Ectoplasm and Research

Ectoplasm can be useful if you are running a research lab in your hospital. Once the Ectoplasm is collected by the janitor, it may be possible for your research team to use it. However, Ectoplasm will only have a chance to aid your research if the ghost died of the disease you are currently researching.

How to Get Rid of Ghosts in Two Points Hospital

Two Point Hospital Ghosts
I don’t remember this movie being so hot…

There is only one way to get rid of ghosts in Two Points Hospital, and that is by hiring a janitor with the Ghost Capture trait. A Ghostbusting Janitor, once hired, will automatically seek out the ghost on its own. Using the newest form of autopsychic ghost suction technology, the Ghostbusting Janitor will suction up the ghost immediately. Janitors appear to prioritize Ghostbusting over all other tasks, so you typically will not need to manually move janitors around to catch them.

Two Point Hospital Ghost Capture Tips and Tricks

  • Always hire at least one janitor with the Ghost Capture trait as soon as possible. Ghosts can appear at the very beginning of the game and can cause havoc if you do not have a janitor with the trait necessary to capture it.
  • Check the roster of available janitors before you ever start your game for the first time. The available janitors are random, and it is not uncommon for none of the first three potential hires to have the Ghost Capture trait. This is a problem if you get a ghost early on. You can dismiss a potential hire, but it takes 15 days for a new one to pop up. You will want to do that immediately at the start of your game if none of the janitors have the Ghost Capture trait. Otherwise, you could have to wait at least 15 days before you have the possibility of hiring a Ghostbuster Janitor.
  • While the janitors will prioritize hunting ghosts over all other tasks, it can’t hurt to manually drop them on the ghost if you don’t mind micromanaging. Employee AI can still be buggy, and on rare occasions, the janitor can get stuck behind something, wait to finish his break, etc.
  • If you mouseover the Ghost, a pop-up will tell you what caused its demise. This is useful if you are trying to harvest Ectoplasm for research.

Nerds and Scoundrels

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