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triton names

Ah, Tritons. Defenders of the deep! Playable tritons were introduced to 5E through Volo’s Guide to Monsters. These creatures are fishlike, relatively tall, and scaled from navy to light blue. Occasionally, one might see a triton of a different color, or even taking qualities from different fish. However, once past the fish puns and Aquaman jokes, one who looks into Triton culture will see that it has real depth to it. This is a proud warrior race, which can sometimes be hard to see past the fishlike exterior. Our Triton Names guide will explain why.

Triton Names 5E Guide

Tritons are extremely simplistic to name, but that comes from a rather distant tradition. The Triton history is vast, and knowing at least a bit about it will inform most conversations that your triton has. Their name comes from the elemental plane of Water, and thus have a rather specific way of being constructed. One should not violate tradition willingly, or quickly!

What Should I Name My Triton?

Triton, centuries ago, chased krakens and sahuagin out of the elemental Plane of Water. Their duty complete, but their enemies in the Material Plane, most triton felt a burning responsibility to finally finish their work. Thus, triton moved to the Material Plane to slay the remaining krakens and sahuagin.

Unfortunately, the creatures spread quickly across the Material Plane’s oceans, and the hit team of triton were unable to quite complete their work. Triton had to grow and expand their operations on the Material Plane, including establishing trade routes with surface dwellers. Over time, the oceanic threats were driven back… but not quite defeated.

Because of this unknown favor, triton expects other races to pay homage and respect them. While triton may deserve reverence, their haughty attitudes are a showmanship of planar isolation. Few races actually know what triton do, and yet tritons expect full deference. This isolated attitude leads tritons to head to the surface, expecting places of great pomp and circumstance, while kingdoms bicker and wars go on across the continent.

While haughty and arrogant, tritons are extremely loyal and caring. A triton will die for any creature in trouble without question. They readily forgive negative history of the surface walkers, and their guilt over allowing the Water Plane’s aggressors to escape leaves them with a debt to the Material plane. This does cause them to trust a little bit readily, and occasionally leap into unwarranted fights without thought.

Triton have a sense of unity, so the idea of the kingdoms of the surface world (and the politics of such places) bewilders them. Seasons, likewise, are stange to the seafolk. This can lead to triton finding the surface world as daft or barbaric… Or, lead to a triton becoming mystified and wishing to study the creatures of the continents.

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Examples of Triton Names

Triton names are traditional and well-regimented, just like their kingdoms. Male names end with vowel + s, female names end with n, and their surnames come from their protectorate. This means a triton that moves onto land to protect a specific other province may change their surname to that kingdom’s name + vowel + th.

Male Triton Names

  • Corus
  • Delnis
  • Jhimas
  • Keros
  • Molos
  • Nalos
  • Thelus
  • Tonus
  • Zadus
  • Vodos
  • Zunis

Female Triton Names

  • Aryn
  • Belthyn
  • Duthyn
  • Feloren
  • Mathwyn
  • Ervyn
  • Otanyn
  • Shalryn
  • Vlaryn
  • Wolyn


  • Ahlorsath
  • Pumanath
  • Vuuvaxath

And that concludes our triton name guide. Interested in making a triton? Cool! Tritons are great Fighters and Paladins.

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