The Boys: 10 Things to Know About The Deep

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In The Boys, few characters manage to draw a mix of disgust, humor, and even sympathy like The Deep. The Lord of the Seven Seas is not taken seriously by his peers – which is a problem of his own making.

We have compiled the 10 facts you need to know to understand the The Deep. But fair warning, there are major spoilers ahead!

The Boys The Deep Top 10 Facts

Ready to dive in? Here are our 10 favorite The Boys The Deep facts!

10. The Deep is a Super Hero

The universe of The Boys is full of superheroes, and The Deep is one of the most famous superheroes in the world. More than just a hero, he is an enormous social media star with an enormous merchandise deal. The Deep is not immune to the problems that come with fame, though.

9. The Deep is Portrayed by Chace Crawford

the boys the deep actorThe Deep is portrayed by actor Chace Crawford. Born in July 18, 1985, Crawford is a native of Lubbock, Texas. Prior to being cast in The Boys, Crawford was best known in his role in Gossip Girl, where he played Nate Archibald. He was also a cast member on the short-lived primetime soap opera Blood and Oil.

Crawford has appeared in a few films as well. Most notably, he was in The Covenant, The Haunting of Molly Hartley, and What to Expect When You’re Expecting. 

8. His Powers Are Related to the Ocean

The Deep is nicknamed “The Lord of the Seven Seas” for a reason, as most of his powers relate to water or sea life. Most notably, he has gills in addition to lungs, allowing him to breathe above land or under water. Additionally, he is a powerful swimmer that can communicate with sea creatures.

Despite these obviously useful powers, he is considered among The Seven as the weakest of the group.

7. He is a Member of The Seven

The Deep is the social media star of the superhero group known as The Seven. The Seven is a corporate-controlled supergroup that fights crime – when they are not mugging for cameras or hawking merchandise.

While his place in the group has elevated him to one of the biggest celebrities on the planet, he does not have a significant role in the group. He often complains of only being used for water-related crimes and not receiving any serious assignments.

6. He Coerces Starlight into a Sexual Encounter

Our initial introduction to The Deep is when he welcome Starlight to the team. Things go south quickly when Starlight confesses a childhood crush on him, only for her to turn around and see that has disrobed.

The Deep next coerces Starlight into a sexual encounter, threatening to use his role as second in command of The Seven to expel her from the group if she does not go along with it.

5. The Way he Treats Starlight Comes Back to Haunt Him

After the incident, Starlight refuses to accept what Deep had done to her. She spoke publicly about what happened to her at a Christian convention. While she did not name him directly, there was pressure to identify Starlight’s attacker.

4. Vought Sends Him Sabbatical

Eventually, the story is too much for Vought. They force The Deep to apologize, but that is not the end of his punishment. He is sent on mandatory sabbatical to the Vought offices in Sandusky, essentially burying him in the middle of nowhere.

3. Other Members of The Seven Do Not Respect Him

After her assault, Starlight learns that The Deep was lying or delusional about being second in command of The Seven. In fact, none of the other members of the group respect him in any way. Homelander regularly intimidates him, and the other members treat him as a nuisance.

2. Little is Known about His Personal Life

The show spends almost no time delving into the backstory of The Deep. We have not yet gotten a glimpse into his family life or personal story. We do know his real name is Kevin, however.

1. The Deep is Still Alive

At the end of Season 1, The Deep is still alive. However, he seems to be facing an existential crisis. His forced sabbatical to rural Sandusky has been challenging, and the closing scene of the series shows him shaving his head. Does he have a redemption story coming? It’s hard to tell.

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And that concludes our The Boys The Deep Top 10! Did we leave anything important out? If so, let us know.

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