Bagman 5E Guide | Watch Your Loot in Ravenloft With This Monster

There are a lot of legends in Ravenloft; there are plenty of monsters to build the legends off of. However, the legends that should be feared the most are the ones that you have trouble proving. The Bagman is one of those legends, and it seems that even Wizards is tentative about giving DMs the ability to place him into a campaign. If you want to get a little bit spooked from light-hearted 5E lore, check out the Bagman 5E to change your mind about the otherwise lighthearted Dungeons & Dragons.

The Bagman 5E Guide

bagman 5eThe Bagman is a legend, passed amongst adventurers. There was an adventurer who, seeing certain peril, abandoned his party and dove inside of a Bag of Holding. When attempting to leave, he got lost in the multi-dimensional chambers within. As he traveled, his body slowly, painfully shifted; he became ragged and skinny, his limbs increasing in size until he was ten or twenty feet tall. 

And now that he is attuned to the magical forces that touch all Bags of Holding… He comes out of one, at random. Every single night. If it’s someone else’s, he steals someone away, leaving a small piece of junk from his travels. That person never returns. If you want him to target you, he will come for you if you speak too loudly near an open bag of holding… Or if you whisper “Follow My Voice” into a magical storage space three times.

Why Should You Care

The Bagman doesn’t have any stats. That means he’s nothing more than a myth, and you can ignore him for free, right? Well… Maybe not.

The Bagman is an urban myth in Ravenloft, which is built from legends coming to life. The Bagman is about as real as vampires or walking gods are. How farfetched is it that someone survived in a Bag of Holding long enough to become cursed and changed? Not really. Nor is it hard to create the stats of such a horrific abomination of magical planes too old and chaotic to be used as anything but infinite storage space.

Any Bag of Holding might have it’s own horror show. Look it up online, and half of the articles are about people asphyxiating in those tiny spaces. It’s only a matter of time before something more sinister crawls out and ruins someone else’s life.

Be careful around your Bag of Holding from now on. There’s a new Darklord in town, and there’s only a chance that he doesn’t exist.


There’s no reason not to be careful, but please don’t make this the last time you ever pick up a Bag of Holding! There’s plenty of use to get out of those items, and the Bagman is only a small threat if you take the right precautions. Enjoy it! And while you enjoy it, check out some more spooky stuff with the College of Spirits!

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