Simic Hybrid Names Guide | Examples and Naming Conventions for 5E

simic hybrid names

The world of Ravnica, brought to us through the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, is full of fantastic and unfortunate creatures. The Simic Hybrid, from the Simic Combine guild, are a force to be reckoned with. While most at home in Ravnica, these creatures could be theoretically brought into any campaign setting. Because of that, you might want to draft up a character; the Simic Hybrid is insanely good, and worth building around! Our Simic Hybrid Names guide will bring you up to speed on these Dungeons & Dragons 5E engendered people.

Simic Hybrid Names Guide

Simic Hybrid are all pretty new and created people. A generator might work, but you’d be missing some of the flavor of your people. Check out some of our notes about how they grow up before you try to randomize it! This might inspire you, or at least construct a more intriguing backstory.

Culture and Naming Conventions

The Simic Hybrid are born from scientific creation. In Ravnica, the Simic Combine fuse humans, elves, and vedalken with animals in an attempt to make the perfect creations. This project was designed to make an army of soldiers that beat their opponents at their own game. These Simic Hybrids, or “Guardians,” turned out to be much more personable and community-driven than expected. The Combine still uses them for soldiering, but the deal seems much more complex than creator and created.

Simic Hybrid retain many of the qualities of their humanoid base, but their experimented bodies have the signs. Hybrids may have extremely altered bodies, such as crab claws, wings, fins, or shark-like maws. This can be jarring to those who are unfamiliar with Ravnica. However, now that the Project has been completed for some time, they are generally accepted throughout Ravnica. Their close ties to the Simic Combine guild do make them targets for enemies of the guild… Even if the Simic Hybrid in question isn’t part of the guild at all!

In Ravnica, their close ties to the Simic Combine limit their social mobility. Guardians who leave the Combine are shunned by members of the Combine, and often removed from families or friends. Their battlefield skills are accepted by other guilds, but they will likely always feel a bit detached. 

Outside of Ravnica, the Simic Hybrid might be the result of an organization (Like the Simic Combine), or just an overzealous wizard. Because they are engendered beings, it’s not too hard to find a way to shove them into any campaign; heck, maybe they were corrupted by the Feywilds! 

In any case, they are now able to build their own communities, even without the help of the Simic Combine. This means that they are a force that Ravnica might not expect… 

Examples of Simic Hybrid Names

Simic Hybrids are typically born with a name, before the Experiment. They usually accept a new name after their experimentation, though ones with close ties to their parents might cling to their old one. These names should come from the Human, Elf, or Vedalken list. With DM permission, a Simic Hybrid could theoretically be other races, but these three races are cannon and 100% viable for any campaign where Guardians are allowed.

Male Simic Hybrid Names

  • Aglar
  • Bareris
  • Bor
  • Erdan
  • Ivellios
  • Koplony
  • Lomar
  • Meng
  • Mindartis
  • Otrovac
  • Pieron
  • Varis

Female Simic Hybrid Names

  • Adrie
  • Falone
  • Griya
  • Kovel
  • Lia
  • Mialee
  • Morai
  • Nedress
  • Rowan
  • Valanthe
  • Xanaphia
  • Zasheida

The Simic Hybrid is crazy unique! If you want any help with your creation, our Simic Hybrid guide might give some inspiration!

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