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aarakocra names

To rule the skies with your own wings is a grace not often handed out to races in Dungeons & Dragons. The glory of flight with an eagle-crested force of nature is exactly what the Aarakocra is able to give you. These majestic creatures were added for free in the Elemental Evil Player’s Companion, and as such are an important consideration for any player making it. But, when it comes to names, the Aarakocra actually have some things to keep in mind. Our Aarakocra Name 5E guide will lead you through what to consider for your Aarakocra backstory.

Aarakocra Names 5E Guide

These are isolated and careful people, so naturally, your name probably shouldn’t be some generic fantasy affair. Consider your culture just a bit before throwing your name to the random generators! These aren’t too hard to imagine.

Culture and Naming Conventions

Aarakocra are somewhat short for a Medium race, reaching similar heights to dwarves. Unlike dwarves, their bodies are covered in feathers and plumage; different colors and depth based on your tribes, with color especially being important. Males are even more colorful and vibrant than females, due to extravagant showmanship of beauty being a somewhat important part of a typical mating ritual. These rituals are necessary, as Aarakocra have extremely short lifespans; usually around 30 years.

Aarakocra are proud defenders of the sky, and think themselves as defending land-locked races from flying terrors. An Aarakocra pities those that can’t feel the wind under their wings, and thus usually only joins standard adventuring parties out of pity. When talking to land-walkers, they likely get annoyed when the other races can’t understand an Aarakocra’s clicks, chirps, and trills. They may learn to get over their bird-like accent with some effort, but will likely never truly lose it.

Freedom is critical to Aarakocra mindsets, and thus they don’t tend to negotiate with slavers or those who imprison others. They also have a bit of genetic claustrophobia, which might make some Aarakocra a bit twitchy during long underground journeys.

Usually, Aarakocra are in the Elemental Plane of Air. They can fly for hours, and thus have no real need to have ground beneath them at all times. However, on the Material Plane, they nest high in the clouds as they can, typically living in mountains. 

When they come down from the mountains, they usually have their obligations to the Wind Dukes at heart. This might be undertaking the quest to find the Rod of Seven Parts. Or, perhaps they are heading out to right some wrong at the Wind Duke’s expense. Either way, their questing often leads them to finding Earth Elementals and those associated with them, who Aarakocra seek to destroy.

Examples of Aarakocran Names

Aarakocra have beaks, and thus to hear each other over the raging winds of the Elemental Plane of Air, names require clicks, trills, and whistles. To allow landwalkers to get their names correctly, they might pick up new nicknames or shorter names to make things easier for them.

Actual Aarakocran names have 2-4 syllables, and include sound effects that are difficult to write down. Depending on your Aarakocran’s role in society, it might change; hunters require louder clicks and whistles to get their attention in emergencies, for instance.

In most pleasant company, Aarakocra accept nicknames that are parts of their name without so many bird sounds.

Aarakocran Names

  • Aera
  • Deekek
  • Errk
  • Heehk
  • Kleeck
  • Oorr
  • Quaf
  • Salleek
  • Urreek
  • Zeed

If you want tips on any other aspects of the Aarakocra, check out our Aarakocra Race Guide!

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