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Polukranos 5E

Known as the World Eater in MTG lore, Polukranos is now a part of D&D lore thanks to its inclusion in the Mythic Odysseys of Theros. The gargantuan Hydra is a legendary monster, but it surprisingly does not take advantage of the new Mythic traits introduced in the sourcebook. Be that as it may, this creature is an excellent addition to high-level Theros campaigns. Learn all about it with our Polukranos 5E Guide.

Polukranos 5E Guide

Polukranos is more than just a Hydra, it is the mortal manifestation of the eternal ideal of the creature. While the original World Eater was slain by the Gods, it can return to mortal form as a fearsome omen.

The Hydra is the ultimate land-based monster in Theros. Like the Kraken in the sea, Polukranos is a dominant force in the deep wilderness of Theros.

Territorial Terrors

While it is still young, a new manifestation of Polukranos will ravage the nearby lands in an effort to grow. Once they reach a large size, they will seek territory of their own to claim. They frequently evict monsters from their layers and claim them as their own.

Vicious Growth

After claiming territory, Polukranos generally buries itself underground and grows. After awakening, it goes on a feeding rampage to sustain that growth. This perpetuates a lifecycle of hibernation and extreme violence.

DM Tips for Polukranos

While there are layers of flavor here, Polukranos is no more than a powerful Hydra. You can approach these battles just like you would any other Hydra fight.

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Polukranos Stats

Wrapping up our Polukranos 5E Guide

Polukranos is certainly a badass, but I would have liked to see it get the Mythic Monster treatment. That said, it’s a great option if you want a big bad in your campaign.

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