Pay Respects Goat Simulator 3 | Completing the Quest

Goat Simulator 3 has arrived, and once again simulating life as a goat has taken the gaming community by storm. There is so much to do, including quests! There are ample quests to play through in Goat Simulator 3, but one of the first you will come across is “Pay Respects.” It is a simple quest that involves a quick jaunt to the cemetery for a handful of tearful goodbyes—assuming goats can cry, at least. I’ll get back to you on that one. Anyway, we’ll take you through the entire question in our Pay Respects Goat Simulator 3 Guide!

How to Pay Respects in Goat Simulator 3

pay respects goat simulator 3

This quest does not kick off until you reach Brumehill Cemetary. That means your first order of business is finding the cemetery and heading towards it. Looking at the in-game map, the cemetery is located directly west of Pointy Foods Factory. The cemetery is also found just northwest of Yakedo Hot Springs.

When you enter the cemetery, it begins automatically. In total, there are three tombs you’ll need to visit. At each tomb, simply press the button indicated on the screen. This shouldn’t be difficult, as two of the three are located close together. You will be prompted to press a button to pay respects when you approach the gravestone.

The third gravestone is not as close as the other two. To reach it, you will need to head down to the lower level of the graveyard. There, you will find the grave and be prompted to pay your respects there. After finishing with the third grave, the quest will complete automatically. From here, the church is now unlocked.

This is just one of the many fun adventures you might find yourself in as a goat. Stay safe, goat friend, and good luck out there!

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