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loxodon names

The Loxodon are a curious race of creatures from The Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica. They are anthropomorphic elephants, though they are still medium sized. Over seven feet tall, and covered in thick, leathery skin, loxodons still have hands with four digits. But, their feet are larger, oval-shaped stump-like limbs of an elephant. Amazingly, a loxodon has incredible control of their trunks, just like their non-anthropomorphic brethren. And they are a fully playable race, and are unlikely to be enemies of a party. So, if you want to play a Ravnican race, our Loxodon Names guide will show what the best name structure is.

Loxodon Names 5E Guide

An elephant never forgets, and a loxodon certainly has the wisdom to know their culture! Since loxodons have such specific reasons to name one another, going with a randomly generated name might be incorrect. Try to understand your loxodon’s place in their community before figuring out a name, because the name is very important!

How Do You Name a Loxodon

A loxodon doesn’t necessarily need to live in Ravnica. No matter where they are, loxodons have some pretty great adventuring qualities. Naturally, loxodon are artisans. They love stonework, a passion that can’t be taught easily. They pursue any creative act with the same natural zeal. A loxodon hard at work is not to be interrupted without a legitimate reason.

That’s not to say they would be angry at whoever interrupted them. Loxodons are taught at a young age to be loyal. They value community and life above all else. The phrase “it takes a village to raise a child” has no better paradigm than a village of loxodons. They believe that their neighbors should watch out for each other, and a loxodon will sacrifice themselves to save the group in every single situation. 

The disappointment of a loxodon when a community member acts selfishly is immense. A loxodon will remember a selfish act for a significant period of their long lives. Of course, if the selfishness is repaid, or proven to be helpful to the community, a loxodon is more than happy to forgive. And a loxodon’s definition of community changes constantly. The same loxodon can think “community” means their village, a guild, or a party of 4 in their lifetime. This lets loxodon be loyal to specific causes and help the most people they can.

Loxodons are also very spiritual. They are serene creatures with control over their thoughtful side, and even a young loxodon gives great advice. However, when provoked to violence, a loxodon summons the same rage and intimidation factor of a 20 ft tall mammoth.

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Examples of Loxodon Names

Loxodon’s names have subtle tones, buried deep in their trunk. Their name has multiple facets; status, family connection, and community role. All of that, rolled into the same name! These tones can be impossible to produce without a trunk. Thus, loxodons that travel away from others might adapt a Common title. For example, “Bodruuv” might be hard to accurately say for a human. So, Bodruuv might prefer to be called “Stoneworker.”

Male Loxodon Names

  • Bancu
  • Bayul
  • Brooj
  • Chedumov
  • Daji
  • Droozh
  • Dron
  • Golomov
  • Heruj
  • Kel
  • Ondros
  • Svetel
  • Tamuh
  • Throom
  • Vroozh

Female Loxodon Names

  • Boja
  • Dancu
  • Dalya
  • Dooja
  • Fanoor
  • Irij
  • Jasoo
  • Lyooda
  • Radu
  • Shuja
  • Toja
  • Soofya
  • Yoolna

That’s it for our Loxodon guide. Loxodon are pretty awesome creatures. If you want to make one, their Wisdom and Constitution makes for a good Cleric, or even a barbarian; that thick, leathery skin and loyalty to your party works well with a defensive barbarian!

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