Just Cause 4 The Secret History of Solis Walkthrough

Just Cause 4 The Secret History of Solis

Once you have completed Behind the Lines, you will immediately get access to The Secret History of Solis. Sargento is sending you to meet a contact of his, Javi, who may be able to help in the war effort. If you’re looking for guidance in the Just Cause 4 The Secret History of Solis mission, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading our Just Cause 4 The Secret History of Solis walkthrough here at Nerds and Scoundrels for all the answers.

“…and buried, only five beds remain…”

Just Cause 4 The Secret History of Solis Walkthrough

To begin the mission, follow the waypoints to a treehouse where Javi operates from. When you arrive, you meet who you assume is Javi. You assumed wrong, however, as his associate is quick to point out. Javi’s friend tells you that there is a large stockpile of Javi’s equipment the Black Hand has seized nearby in a cave near a waterfall. He wants you to clear out the hostiles, grab the equipment, and then meet up with Javi afterward.

Just Cause 4 The Secret History of Solis

When you arrive at the cave, the firefight begins right away. Your easiest avenue for clearing out bad guys is hovering over the entrance in your parachute and sniping them from range. There are about a dozen bad guys outside of the cave entrance, once you frag them you can head towards the large armored doors. On your way, you’ll find a new mod for your grappling hook called the Retractor.

Just Cause 4 The Secret History of Solis

When you get to the armored doors, fit the Retractor to your grappling hook. To use the Retractor, you will need to attack your grappling hook to each side of the large door. Activating the Retractor will then pull the door open.

Once inside, you get a call from Javi telling you to get in the small place and meet him at the coordinates provided. Fly to Tumba Del Sirviente and meet up with Javi to continue.

Tumba Del Sirviente

As you fly, Javi will explain his history with trying to expose the Black Hand. The backstory for this country is complicated, and he believes much of their history is a lie. When you approach his location, Javi tells you to meet him at the top of the mounting near a large cave opening. Parachute down to see him instead of trying to land the plane.

Just Cause 4 The Secret History of Solis

When you land, Javi shows you what he has been hiding from the Black Hand: an ancient relic. He explains the Black Hand wants it because he believes these relics will help expose Espinosa and the Black Hand as frauds. He needs your help collecting more relics, but he can’t access the tomb without the Retractor you now have attached to your grappling hook.

To begin, follow the waypoint to an ancient lever. Use the retractor to pull the level, and you will release a giant stone head that will roll down from the ruins towards you. The head will roll over the cliff and down into the cave. Follow it, and you will notice a structure that looks as the stone head will fit in it.

Just Cause 4 The Secret History of Solis

Use your grappling hook to pull the stone head into the structure. The head will cause the structure to sink into the ground, acting like a key. This will open the doors of the vault.

Inside the Vault

Head inside the vault where you will find a human skull with a candle in it. The candle will illuminate hidden lettering, starting with the phrase “…and buried, only five beds remain.” Reading the text will trigger the end of the mission. From here, you will be able to help Javi in other missions discover other clues and improve your Retractor mod.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that’s how you complete the Just Cause 4 The Secret History of Solis mission. Did you find this walkthrough helpful? If so, let us know in the comments. And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Just Cause 4 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels! Want to see the mission live and in video form? Check it out below.

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