How to Get More Housing in Civ 6 | Civilization VI Housing Guide

how to get more housing civ 6

Housing plays a critical part of Civ 6, since it is what allows your civilization to grow. If you are lacking the right amount of residential areas, you won’t draw enough people to your cities. Without that population, you won’t be able to achieve your other goals for your nation. Dive into our How to Get More Housing Civ 6 Guide.

How to Get More Housing Civ 6 Guide

Every city you control has a housing limit. This serves as a soft cap on your maximum population. Once you hit that cap, your population growth slows and other negative penalties begin to apply. To avoid these issues, you’ll need to raise that cap or enjoy stalled growth forever.

There are actually a lot of ways to create housing. These options include

  • Certain buildings
  • Civics
  • Districts
  • Tile Improvements
  • Access to Water
  • Building an Aqueduct
  • Great People

One issue is that the best options for addressing housing shortages only appear later in the game. To address the problem early on, having access to water for your cities in the early game is vital. Over time, building farms, camps, and pastures will also have a major impact.

After Urbanization, housing will become less of an issue thanks to the Neighborhood district. This district can give up to a +6 bonus to housing depending on where the tile is placed.

Building an aqueduct early on is another common strategy for addressing housing issues. Later on, you can also use an Aqueduct District to pull nearby water to a city to greatly improve housing issues.

Nerds and Scoundrels

That wraps up our guide. Did we leave out any of the obvious tips for addressing housing problems? If so, hit us up in the comment section and give us your solution! We always like to hear from our readers, especially when the come with the hot tips.

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