How to Add a Character Sheet to Roll20

How to add a character sheet to Roll20

Getting a character sheet is an important part of the Roll20 experience. Thanks to some great coding, a lot of these character sheets are fully automated, and thus can be extremely handy to roll off of. So, as you’re starting to put your Roll20 campaign together, you may need help getting character sheets in action. This quick Roll20 Character Sheets guide will give you a few methods to add a character to your game.

How to Add Character Sheets to Roll20

There are two methods to add character sheets to Roll20. The DM can make it, or the DM can allow you to import them from your Character Vault.

As a DM

Roll20 Character Sheets

If you are a DM, adding character sheets for specific players can actually be a kinda tough process. Head to the 3rd tab of your Chat log, with the newspaper-like icon. Click “+ Add” and choose “Character.” A small menu will open.

Roll20 Character Sheets

From here, you can add information as you and your players need. However, the most important steps are:

  • Make sure your players are in campaign. While you can make character sheets for them, your players can’t see their sheets until they join the campaign. Once they’re in,
  • Give the player the ability to see their sheet and edit their sheet. Put the player’s name in “In Player’s Journals” and “Can Be Edited & Controlled By”. If you do that, the player can handle the name, image, and description of their character themselves. 

At this point, as long as the player can see and edit their sheet, they can start taking things from there! They will need editing privileges to work on their actual Character Sheet, which they can find in a tab within the character entry.

Roll20 Character Sheets

If no character sheet template shows up, you may have not selected one. Go back to settings and go to the Character Sheet template option to double check!

As a Player

Roll20 Character Sheets

If you’ve already made a character in another campaign, Roll20 gives you a basic way to transfer that character to different campaigns! This lets you make a character in a blank Roll20 campaign and then send it over to wherever you need it.

To add a character to your Vault, go to “Tools” at the top of the Roll20 page, and enter the Character Vault. From there, hit the “Import Existing Character” option, and select the game where your character is. The list of all of the players you control will show up. You unfortunately cannot put a character into a vault if you do not control them – DMs control all characters in a campaign.

Roll20 Character Sheets

In order to export a character to a Roll20 campaign, the DM must allow for exporting from the Character Vault. DMs can do that by going to the Campaign homepage and clicking on Settings. Then, they can go to the “Allow players to import their own Characters” option and select “Yes.”


These are the two easiest ways to make a character sheet in Roll20. Have any questions? Ask below, and we (or a Roll20 expert!) will help you out as soon as possible! Need more Roll20 content? See our guide for the best headphones for Roll20!

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