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magic items for warlocks 5e

You have been given godly powers from the benevolent hand of your patron. In Dungeons & Dragons 5E, this means you are a Warlock, and have magic in spades. Using both Pact Magic and the fantastic Eldritch Blast, you can tear a hole through whoever approaches you with ease. That being said… Surely having a touch of extra power with magic items won’t be so bad, right? You’re certainly right! This list includes some of the Best D&D 5E Warlock Magic Items and why they are so good.

D&D 5E Warlock Magic Items

The Warlock doesn’t need to cover many holes in their toolkit. They already have impressive magic and surprising bulk with their d8 health and Light Armor proficiency. But, they can make their impressive magic even better. And, while their durability is great, everybody can be just a touch safer. Try to keep up with basic magical items, but look forward to this list.

Combat Magic Items

Robe of the Archmagi

magic items for warlocks 5e

This robe should be given to a Sorcerer or Wizard before you get your hand on it. If you’re the one with the robe, this is fantastic. Base AC of 15, magic resistance, and a +2 to your spell DCs? That’s insane! This robe does require attunement, making it somewhat expensive compared to other pieces of armor. But… you’re getting +3 Studded Leather, a Mantle of Spell Resistance, and a bonus that the DMG or XGE doesn’t even have another similar item for! This is guaranteed value for your Warlock!

Rod of the Pact Keeper

The Warlock has a unique item that is incredibly strong for themselves. The Rod of the Pact Keeper is like the Wand of the War Mage, but significantly improved. That is because it comes with sweet, juicy, DC increases. This means a Warlock can get +3 to their Spell DC from this, and +2 to their Spell DC with the Robe of the Archmagi… For +5 to their DC. From base DMG items. That’s incredibly strong! You will be so powerful in combat without even needing to target your enemy’s weak saves.

Staff of the Magi

The Staff of the Magi is a great item. While holding it, you get a +2 bonus to spell attack rolls, and some very basic +2 to attack and damage. Great! However, that’s not what makes it so good. You can use a reaction to negate any magic that only targets you. This not only cancels it, but it feeds it to your staff. You can use those charges to cast a massive list of impressive offense and utility spells. And if that wasn’t enough, you can break it in an emergency to bring down the roof on your enemies. A great item! And, if wielded with the Rod of the Pact Keeper and the Robe of the Archmagi… Oh boy. You’ll be a problem.

Weapon of Warning

If you don’t want to wield a Staff and Rod, then replacing one with a Weapon of Warning might be nice. Advantage on initiative increases your chance to go first. A Warlock going first means you can spam Eldritch Blast, cast a powerful Crowd Control spell, or help your party escape right away. This is in no way a guarantee to go first… But, this will definitely help more than most items.

Winged Boots

Winged Boots are a basic item to help you to fly. Flight is nice, allowing you to potentially save some spell slots while giving you the mobility and defense of a Fly Speed. However, you may want to prioritize offensive magic items as you level up, gain more spell slots, and learn to trust your Frontliners to protect you.

Other Magic Items

Cloak of Invisibility

Permanent invisibility is too much to give up on as a caster. While you are under your cloak, chucking out Eldritch Blast barrages or weaving magic to Banish your enemies, they’ll be at permanent disadvantage… Unless they bring Anti-Invisibility technology. This is a great investment to keep you safe, even if you plan on playing melee! Nothing like an Opportunity Attack from nowhere with advantage!

Dark Shard Amulet

This item allows you to have a Spellcasting focus without wielding a singular weapon. That’s helpful for Hexblades that plan on keeping their weapons equipped most of the time, as well as wielding a shield. You can also use a Ruby of the War Mage for similar results. But, this item lets you sometimes cast a Cantrip! That’s fun, right?

Mastery Ioun Stone

Proficiency is an insanely powerful statistic. You add it to everything that you care about. So, increasing it by 1 is going to be a big deal! You add this to your spell DCs, attack rolls, weapon attack rolls, skills… Everything! It might be better on a Rogue or Bard, but boosting your Spell DCs is important… Well, until you get a good Rod of the Pact Keeper. That item is basically this Ioun Stone on steroids anyways.

Ring of Spell Storing

magic items for warlocks 5e

This ring (or the Reserve Ioun Stone) grants you a few more spell slots to play with. Storing spells is crucial to ensure you are ready for longer combats or dungeons. This Ring will give you 5 levels to play around with. That’s an extra spell per combat! 5 total spells if you have the ring charged. That’s a game-changer! You can use your magic a lot more often, as long as you can store a spell at the end of the day.

Tome of Leadership and Influence

This tome should probably go to you first. You’ll get a +2 to Charisma and Charisma maximum, which means you get more accurate cantrips, more damage on Eldritch Blast or Hexblade swings, and better DCs. Unless you have a Bard or Sorcerer in your party, this should be yours, no contest. If you do, it is still possibly best that you get this first. Charisma is very important for you.


Warlocks are insanely strong. With the Robe/Rod/Staff combo, you get +5 to Spell DCs and Spell Attack Rolls and very potent anti-magic. And there are still magical items that you can collect to improve your utility and combat capabilities. Keep an eye out for them, and memorize what you have in your pockets whenever you are in a pickle!

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