Hobgoblin Names: Examples and Naming Conventions for 5E

hobgoblin names 5e

Hobgoblins are brutal, cunning warlords from Volo’s Guide to Monsters. Hobgoblins are tall, gray humanoids with pointed ears and massive noses. They’re logical, religious, and militaristic. They are the primary reasons that Goblins and Bugbears can be considered a threat in the Forgotten Realms. As a hobgoblin stands, ready for war, their names and culture are further regimented. Whether you’re a hobgoblin that broke from your warband, or a spy ensuring adventurers don’t mess with Maglubiyet’s will, you’ll need a name. Our Hobgoblin Names guide will give you some advice to help your process.

Hobgoblin Names 5E Guide

Hobgoblins have a deep, regimented culture. Every hobgoblin is born ready for war. They learn to walk in file, wield weapons as soon as they can, and obey orders once they can listen to them. As such, a Hobgoblin’s name should be either reciprocating the cultural norms, or defying them. Think about that as you name your Hobgoblin.

How are Hobgoblins Named?

Hobgoblins are born and raised in a military society. Food is farmed, war camps are built, training is undertaken. Hobgoblin culture is built on the backs of oppressed societies (including Goblin societies). Their focus on themselves, their culture, and their gods keep them from seeing other creatures as equals. This focus also forces them to work constantly; little room for leisure or joy.

Their gods are in a stoic pantheon. Maglubiyet destroyed their gods long ago, leaving only Nomog-Geaya and Bargrivyek behind. All three of these gods demand Hobgoblins be lawful, firm, and unified tyrants. Hobgoblins don’t build temples, but Hobgoblin priests build  shrines, and warriors prefer to wield their favored weapons.

Unsurprisingly, outside of the gods, Hobgoblins have a strict hierarchy. They go in this order; Warlord, General, Captain, Fatal Axe, Spear, Fist, Soldier. These groups are organized into banners and led in phalanxes. These are somewhat flexible; a warlord that finds Spears unnecessary can disband the Spear banner. This leads to a pyramid effect of command.

Hobgoblins follow a code nearly as strict as a Paladin’s. Hobgoblins must follow orders, honor the gods, suffer nor give insults, and reward glorious action. Upholding the legion must be undertaken after all of these; it is better to keep a legion alive than destroy it all.

Unlike most races, Hobgoblins revere arcane casters, but focus their research and study on war magic. Hobgoblin casters focus on devastating the battlefield, and are kept under close watch. Only a few arcane casters can become legitimate leaders, and only after vigorous testing.

Examples of Hobgoblin Names

Hobgoblins, thanks to the Goblin language, have sharp, abrupt names. Unlike Goblins or even Bugbears, Hobgoblins try to keep their names strict and orderly. Female hobgoblins are sent on the war path as well. Hobgoblins born during a campaign are known as Warborn, and thought to be blessed by Maglubiyet.

Hobgoblins that perform well can get basic titles. These are typically common words, such as “Saw” or “The Shark.”

Male Hobgoblin Names

  • Grur
  • Vud
  • Lagnok
  • Akkug
  • Dulzun
  • Mul
  • Kurg
  • Maderon

Female Hobgoblin Names

  • Gran
  • Kuila
  • Zronka
  • Vuiloa
  • Frung
  • Akkan
  • Gaik
  • Revilra

And that’s all for Hobgoblins! Hobgoblins make absolutely fantastic Wizards, and the war path is great for adventuring.

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