Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons Magic Items Guide

fizbans treasury of dragons magic items

Dragons are the new fashion in Dungeons & Dragons 5E, and Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons is your newest magazine! The new magic items introduced in this book range from elemental weapons of mass destruction to the ability to summon dragons yourself. These are all pretty great for any campaign! And you should know about them so you can make good decisions on whether or not you need them. Our Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons Magic Items guide will guide you through the new stuff!

All New Magic Items in Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons

The magic items in Fizban’s are all extremely interesting. There are only a couple of weak options, and damage is quite high across the board. These are solid upgrades to your current loot table.

Normal Magical Items

These items work traditionally. Some need attunement, some don’t. Standard stuff that might be fun to put into any campaign.

Amethyst Lodestone

This thing has a few benefits. It starts with Advantage on Strength saves. Meh, that’s not what we’re here for, and it’s still disappointing. You can spend 1 of its 6 charges to fly for 1 minute, 1 charge to push someone within 60 feet of you 20 feet in a direction of your choice… or, you can spend 3 charges to Reverse Gravity, as the spell. Great options here! This is legitimately a replacement for Winged Boots with extra utility. However, only if you don’t need flight; 10 minutes per charge is not going to carry a Barbarian who needs to chase down casters or dragons.

Crystal Blade

Shiny sword! You’re dealing another d8 of Radiant damage on every hit. It has 3 charges, and can heal you for that d8 that you deal to enemies. You can also use a bonus action to make it a torch. This is a pretty minor amount of healing, but 4.5 average healing is nothing to sneeze at. Especially if you have a class feature or racial feature that lets you lash out before you fall unconscious. Overall, this sword does passable damage but probably shouldn’t be your end-game plan.

Dragonhide Belt

The Dragonhide Belt adds it’s enchantment bonus to the DCs of your ki features. You can also now regain ki points as an action. The number is equal to one roll of your Martial Arts die per enchantment bonus – for instance, a level 6 Monk with a +2 Dragonhide Belt rolls 2d6). Considering how strong basic Ki effects, such as Stunning Fist, can be, making your DC higher is definitely worth thinking about. Especially if your monk follows specific disciplines, like the brand-new Way of the Ascendant Dragon.


This legendary lance is a +3 weapon; +3 to attack and damage. Hitting a dragon with the weapon deals 3d6 damage, and a dragon of your choice can also make a melee attack as a reaction. This is a pretty specific weapon, but it’s a great Lance for you! +3s are hard to come by. If you have this weapon, try to see if you can befriend a dragon of your alignment to your side before you hunt an enemy dragon. In that situation, this weapon is godlike. If you can get a horde of dragon allies, then you can destroy an opposing dragon! Otherwise, fine endgame pick, especially for a dragon-centric campaign.

Emerald Pen

This thing can cast Illusory Script, essentially auto-destroying your writing and keeping it from prying eyes. Very fun, and it doesn’t cost an attunement slot. A creative mind can make this thing really influence the course of non-combat encounters. However, it’s niche, so hunting for it might not be your best priority.

Flail of Tiamat

This is a +3 flail, so great start. And hitting someone deals an absolutely massive 5d4 bonus elemental damage (acid, cold, fire, lightning, or poison). That’s a ton of extra damage, especially for a Fighter! If that wasn’t enough, you can get a 90-foot cone of 14d6 elemental damage. This is a crazy weapon, and might be a top-tier pick for melee characters who just want to hurt people. You’re adding an average of 14.5 damage over a mundane mace with this thing per swing. And if you have this weapon, that cone is going to make you so much better in fights with big crowds of enemies. No more thumb twiddling for you! A top-notch choice for a melee warrior, if a bit of a generic choice.

Gold Canary Figurine of Wondrous Power

Like many Figurines of Wondrous Power, the Gold Canary is a little figure that you can throw on the ground within 60 feet of you. Your choices are;

  • A Giant Canary that you can ride, with 60 ft fly, 26 hit points, but not great damage or AC. This form lasts 8 hours.
  • An Adult Gold Dragon who fights alongside you. It doesn’t get its lair or legendary actions. It stays alive for 1 hour, and can only be used once a year.

Suddenly having a Gold Dragon for an ally is undoubtedly superb, but… 1 year is one heck of a cooldown. In most cases, a player will use this ability once per campaign. Hunting for this boon will win you a fight most of the time. However, the rest of the time, you’re summoning 60 ft fly speed for 8 hours that dies when sneezed on. Thankfully, the Dragon keeps its Legendary Resistance (or, it should), so it won’t just die to a death effect. Really cool thing to use if you need to kill something. Badly.

Platinum Scarf

Beautiful scarf, no? You can pull a scale off of this as an action, and with a command word, you get:

  • 10d4 healing with a range of Touch
  • A +1 Shield with immunity to Radiant damage.
  • A Magical Light Hammer which deals 2d4 Radiant damage instead of 1d4 Bludgeoning. It deals an extra 2d4 Radiant damage to Chromatic dragons.

A fun, versatile tool. The healing can be handy in emergencies, since 20 extra health won’t let people take a big hit. It will keep the Cleric from dying to death saves, at least. The shield will hopefully be outclassed by now, but immunity to Radiant damage isn’t easy to come by. And the light hammer deals great damage to a common enemy type. Overall, three minor buffs that can be very useful when the situation is perfect. A shame that you only get 3 scales a day.

Potion of Dragon’s Majesty

You transform into an adult dragon, whose scale decorates the bottle this potion came in. You’re not able to use its lair or legendary actions, nor its Change Shape. This does mean you get to keep Legendary Resistance! A great potion, since most Dragons will have significantly better combat chops than an adventurer. However, this is most useful on a Caster who is low on spells. Martials rely a lot on their class features to be useful, and a Dragon’s stat block might not beat their own. A Caster with spells can’t cast them while in Dragon Form. This is perhaps the best emergency button in the game, and should be treated as such.

Ruby Weave Gem

This gem has 2 major benefits. First, it has 3 charges which allow you to ignore 500 gp of material components each. Second, you get to learn a spell from any class list every day. Pretty great spell focus! There aren’t too many costly spells in Dungeons & Dragons 5E, but the ones that cost money do take a chunk out of your bank account! Spells like Revivify take 1 charge instead of 300 gp, and Resurrection costs 2 charges! The other benefit is absolutely ridiculous. The Cleric can fling Fireballs, the Wizard knows how to Revive the Dead, the Artificer has Hold Person. This focus should probably be a go-to option for many spellcasters that need to be the problem solvers of the party. Allowing them to cast expensive spells – and powerful spells from other lists – is a godsend.

Sapphire Buckler

This +2 AC shield gives you resistance to Psychic and Thunder damage. It also gives you a reaction to taze someone in melee for 2d6 thunder damage. Finally, you can locate Aberrations within 1 mile of you as an action. Resistance to Psychic damage is exceedingly hard to come by, as many Bear Totem Barbarians would know. A 2d6 reaction is… fine, I guess. Nothing stellar, but it doesn’t have a save. And the aberration thing is kind of only handy if you know there is exactly 1 Slaad within 1 mile of you. Aberrations aren’t the most common enemy type by a long shot, but they do tend to frequent dungeons. Overall, not a bad shield by any means, but the important thing here is the resistances. Rare damage types, but very hard to resist damage types.

Topaz Annihilator

This absolute gat will be exactly what you need to decimate your foes. This musket has 100 feet of range and deals 2d6 Necrotic damage instead of 1d12 piercing. However, it does not need to be reloaded. If this kills something, it disintegrates them like the spell Disintegrate. You can also spend an action to cast Disintegrate. Overall, it’s a fine ranged weapon, but not exceptionally potent. The important thing is that this thing, somehow, doesn’t require attunement! Use it as a backup option, and especially against creatures who are weak to Necrotic damage… or if you just want to cast Disintegrate for fun.

Hoard Items

Hoard items are unique to Fizban’s. These items, when placed in a Dragon’s hoard, gains some magical power. The larger the hoard, the stronger the time. The hoard’s power is based on a Dragon’s age.

Table: Dragon Power Levels

SlumberingNo hoard
StirringYoung Dragon
WakenedAdult Dragon
AscendantAncient Dragon

If the dragon is alive, the item must be placed in the hoard for 1 year to rise to the power level of the dragon’s hoard. If the dragon died within 1 hour, the item must be placed in the hoard for 8 hours to achieve the same effect. These items decrease in power if they spend 30 days not attuned to a character or not in a dragon’s hoard.

The hoard items can also have quirks, which are small benefits of the item. The quirks are as follows.

  1. Points to its most recent hoard if placed on ground
  2. Grants the bearer Draconic as a language
  3. Glows softly when within 60 feet of a dragon or another hoard item
  4. Grants bearer a swim speed equal to their walk speed
  5. Advantage on History checks
  6. Advantage on Intimidation checks against non-dragons
  7. Resistance to damage against the breath weapon of the dragon’s hoard that this item last steeped in.
  8. Bearer dreams of the dragon whose hoard the item was last in.

Obviously, if you get to choose, you’re gunning for 7. 6 isn’t bad either, nor is 2 or 4. But damage resistance is very nice.

Dragon Vessel

The Dragon Vessel can hold a potion. It can also concoct a liquid as a bonus action once per day. All Vessels can concoct lower-level options, as well as the options listed in its selection.

  • Slumbering: Ale, Olive Oil, Potion of Healing, Potion of Climbing.
  • Stirring: Mead, Potion of Greater Healing, Potion of Fire Breath
  • Wakened: Wine, Potion of Superior Healing, Potion of Flying
  • Ascendent: Whisky, Potion of Supreme Healing, Potion of Dragon’s Majesty

Pretty great, all things considered. Once Ascendent, this thing gets wild! Being able to turn into an Adult Dragon for 1 hour per day is pretty amazing. And it just takes a bonus action to charge up. Even early on, having consistent sources of Healing potions can be good to saddle onto your Martial. Pretty good choice for any class in the game.

Dragon’s Wrath Weapon

Fizbans treasury of dragons magic itemsThis weapon absorbs the breath weapon of the dragon whose hoard you stab it into. All Dragon’s Wrath Weapons deal 5 points of elemental damage (of the dragon whose hoard it was in last) to all enemies within 5 feet of the target on a natural 20.

  • Slumbering: No additional bonuses.
  • Stirring: +1 weapon with d6 extra damage (of the dragon’s elemental type).
  • Wakened: +2 weapon, 2d6 bonus damage. As an action, 30 ft cone of 8d6 elemental damage of the dragon’s type.
  • Ascendent: +3 weapon, 3d6 bonus damage. As an action, 60 ft cone of 12d6 elemental damage.

Overall, great weapon. The Flail of Tiamat is a better melee weapon overall, but this can be a ranged weapon. Great versatility, high damage, and shockingly effective area of effect. This weapon should go to whatever weapon-based class wants it most, since it’s just good damage. Most effective on non-caster classes.

Dragon-Touched Focus

This focus has some dragon imagery on it. It grants you advantage on initiative, and acts as a spellcasting focus.

When greater than Slumbering, the Focus adds an additional effect to your toolkit. This effect is based on whatever hoard it was in last.

  • Chromatic: Bonus elemental damage for acid, cold, fire, lightning, or poison damage.
  • Gem: After a spell, teleport 15 feet.
  • Metallic: As a reaction, force a target within 30 feet to have advantage on a saving throw.

When Wakened or greater, the focus grants you an extra spell that you can cast with it.

  • Chromatic: Hold Monster, Rime’s Binding Ice
  • Gem: Rary’s Telepathic Bond, Raulothim’s Psychic Lance
  • Metallic: Fizban’s Platinum Shield, Legend Lore

Finally, when Ascendant, you may heighten 1 1st level spell per day to 9th level for free.


This focus is pretty great. The Chromatic bonuses are aggressive with good Crowd Control. The Gem bonuses offer stellar mobility and some weird utility. Metallic gives some defensive support and pretty great defense. Overall, this is a top-tier focus, but it depends a lot on what hoard it is in. Chromatic is most likely the best, but Gem and Metallic can fit into specific caster builds. For instance, Gem works well for Wizards who might need to get out of jams often.

Scaled Ornament

The scaled ornament is a defensive item against a few specific effects.

  • Slumbering: Advantage against Charmed or Frightened.
  • Stirring: +1 AC, immunity to charmed or frightened, 30 ft aura of advantage against charmed or frightened.
  • Wakened: As stirring. As a reaction, become immune to the damage type of the dragon whose hoard this item was in last. Instead, heal for an amount equal to the damage you would have taken.
  • Ascendent: As wakened. In addition, you gain a flight speed equal to your walking speed.

Probably one of the best defensive items in the game. Solid immunities, +1 AC, a good reaction, and non-Winged Boot Flight. This covers quite a few attunement slots. However, it doesn’t become good until it is Wakened; Stirring is alright against specific targets, but will usually not be handy. If you get this early, please keep it. Evolve it in hoards as you level up, and eventually, this will be the best item in the game. It should go to literally anyone; the most important, squishy party member should probably get it first.


These are all pretty above average! The Hoard items especially are going to mix up campaigns quite a bit! See if you can get any of them in your campaigns, and you’ll find that many of them might replace traditionally good equipment.

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