Fizban Treasury of Dragons Subclasses Guide

Fizban Treasury of Dragons Subclasses

It’s time for more 5E content from Wizards of the Coast! The new release, Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons, is all about dragons. As is the case with most WOTC releases, Fizban brings us a bevy of fun new character options. In addition to new spells, feats, and ancestries, there are also two new dragon-themed subclasses. Learn all about them with our Fizban Treasury of Dragons Subclasses Guide.

Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons Subclasses Guide

In total, there are two new subclasses released in Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons. Both the monk and ranger get one subclass each, and both of them fit nicely into the draconic theme.

Monk: Way of the Ascendant Dragon

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Legend has it that Bahamut often walks the earth disguised a young monk, and this subclass represents those who follow his order. the principle of the Way of the Ascendant Dragon is that by mimicking a dragon, the monk is more intuned to magic of the draconic world.

At level three, you gain a dragon-like breath weapon that can deal your choice of damage. The damage roll is based on your Martial Arts die, and and you can use this weapon as a replacement for one attack each turn up to a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus. You can spend ki points for additional uses. Also at level three, you also learn draconic, get a chance to reroll failed Intimidation to Persuasion checks, and can improve your unarmed strike damage to a number of damage types.

Your level six ability, Wings Unfurled, enhances the monk’s Step of the Wind. This feature gives you wings a flying time. While they only last one turn, you can use this feature a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus. At higher levels you give yourself and allies resistance to certain damage types, power up your breath weapon, gain blindsight, and deal additional damage through your Explosive Fury.

Ranger: Drakewarden

Of the two options, the Drakewarden has gotten the most pre-release attention. When it comes to subclasses that stick to a theme, the Drakewarden is on point. The subclass is built around a ranger developing a connection with draconic magic. This connection manifests in the form of learning Draconic, picking up the thaumaturgy cantrip, and receiving a drake companion. That’s right, the Ranger has a second pet management subclass.

The drake is generally more powerful in combat than the Beastmaster’s pet, and it scales well. What’s more, the drake eventually becomes stronger, even becoming a flying mount by level 7. The drake eventually gains a breath weapon, grows in size, and gains additional damage. This subclass is very much built around riding your dragon into battle, and I for one am into it.

Wrapping Up Our Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons Subclasses Guide

That’s it for our Fizban’s Treasury of Dragons Subclasses Guide. Both of these options fit thematically, and it remains to be seen how popular either option is. The Drakewarden looks fun, but if you aren’t into pet management this one is not for you. The Way of the Ascendant Dragon has some nice options, but it is a bit of a hodgepodge of features that fits the dragon theme but does not necessarily work together cohesively. Still, it offers additional damage type options and flight, which never hurts.

That’s our take, what do you think? Let us known in the comment section below!

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