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fortunes favor 5e

Ah, the Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount… What cool spells, what spectacular flavor! Matt Mercer really knows his stuff. And that stuff includes Dunamancy, the magic system that spawned the Chronurgy and Graviturgy Traditions. Both of these traditions have access to the spell Fortune’s Favor, which we’re going to take a look at today. Fortune’s Favor is only accessible by Wizards with the Chronurgy or Graviturgy Traditions. Talk to your GM if you want to expand access to this spell for other Wizard traditions. Learn more with our Fortunes Favor 5E Guide. 

Fortunes Favor 5E Guide

  • Spell Level: 2nd
  • School: Divination
  • Casting Time: 1 Minute
  • Range: Touch
  • Components: V, S, M (White pearl, 100 gp, consumed)
  • Duration: 1 Hour
  • Class: Chronurgy and Graviturgy Wizard

You give some luck to someone. For the next hour, your ally can dismiss the spell to roll an extra d20 on an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw. They choose which to use. They can also use this when an attack roll is made against them, rolling a d20 and choosing the d20 they rolled, or the d20 the attacker rolled. This d20 is rolled after advantage or disadvantage is applied to the first roll. For every spell slot after the 2nd, you can target an additional creature.

A really substantial reroll effect! Let’s check out the good and bad sides.


This is a preparation spell. You can throw it on your party members at the start of the dungeon, and it should last the entire length of it… Unless you take like 5 short rests. That means that, at any point, they can pop their Fortune’s Favor to attempt to guarantee a solid hit.

And this is one of the most versatile reroll effects in the game. Attack rolls, saving throws, ability checks, and enemy attack rolls? That’s a rare spread.

And it gets good when you have advantage or disadvantage. You roll after the advantage dice, so you can negate disadvantage with a fresh d20. That’s spectacular!

And this spell scales hard. Really hard. Every spell slot above 2nd is essentially another cast of the spell, without spending 100 gold. And the more party members you give this to, the better chance of that one important hit landing well.


1 minute casting time is no joke. Nor is spending 100 gold every single time you cast this. The numbers can rack up a little bit, though the 100 gold is far from a reason not to cast this spell. You can’t cast this during combat, so learning this spell does lower your combat power by a little bit.

This also has a case of “should I use it?” Since you have so many options to reroll for, it’s tempting to save it until you “really need it,” like against a critical attack roll, or when you miss any attack. For some people, that could mean they’ll waste it. For others… They might not ever use it.

When Should You Use Fortune’s Favor?

Use this before a major dungeon, or a major fight. It’s a preparation spells, so… Prepare. 

You should proc Fortune’s Favor on four instances;

  • An attack to a boss fight to end the fight faster
  • A saving throw against an effect that might kill you
  • An ability score on a check that, should you fail, the party suffers a lot.
  • An attack against you that will end with your head rolling across the floor.

When Better Options are Available

Fortune’s Favor is good, but only if you spend the minute preparing. If you really like rerolls, check out the Chronurgy mage, or the Divination tradition. Both have really good reroll abilities, neither of which cost spell slots.

This is one of very few spells that force rerolls. However, if the goal is to influence attack rolls, then any spell that gives advantage can work here, and basically do the same job.

Really, this spell is quite unique. It’s a must-have for any Dunamancy Wizard. Disagree with our Fortunes Favor 5E Guide? Let us know!

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