Farming Simulator 19 Chicken Husbandry Guide

Farming Simulator 19 Chicken Husbandry Guide

We here at Nerds and Scoundrels love Farming Simulator 19. And one of our favorite activities has become chicken farming! Want some tips on raising and selling chickens? The keep reading for our Farming Simulator 19 Chicken Husbandry Guide!

Farming Simulator 19 Chicken Husbandry Guide

To start, you will need a poultry house to keep chickens. (Surprise!) You can purchase a poultry house as you would any other property. Simply open up the store and click the Property tab. You will be presented with chicken coops of two sizes:

  • Small Coop: This option costs $20,000 and holds under 100 chickens.
  • Large Coop: This option costs $40,000 and holds up to 400 chickens.

Once you have your coop, then it’s time to buy chickens! To get chickens, head to the animal dealer or simply stand in front of the poultry house gate. There is no trailer for hauling chickens, so you must pay transport costs. The cost of transporting chickens is a flat fee of $50 plus $15 for each additional chicken.


Farming Simulator 19 Chicken Husbandry Guide

Feed and Maintain your Chickens

There is only one type of food chickens need to survive: wheat.

Farming Simulator 19 Chicken Husbandry Guide

Use a tractor and a trailer to dump the wheat at the marked spot inside the coop, which is just to the right of the gate. You will need 1000l of food for a small coop and 5000l of food for a large one.

Chicken coops are also affected by a cleanliness factor, so you will need to clean them from time to time. However, it is not necessary to do this task frequently. The primary goal is to remove scattered food near the feeding area, which can be done with a spoon attachment on a tractor.


You will generate profit from your chickens when you sell their eggs at market. For each 20 chickens you control, you can expect 1l of eggs for each 15 minute of game time. So, approximately 100 chickens will generate 5l of eggs every 15 minutes. That works out to 480l eggs per day for each 100 chickens.

For new chickens, you will generate one every 24 hours for each 10 chickens you control. If you control 100 chickens, you will get a new chicken every 2.5 hours. That rate of reproduction increases if all of your chickens are the same species (color).

Chicken Sales

Farming Simulator 19 Chicken Husbandry Guide

You can sell your chickens by moving in front of your chicken pen and opening the menu. From there you can sell your surplus chickens. You can transport boxes of eggs using any trail if you load it manually.

Ultimately, it is hard to turn a profit on chickens and it can be time consuming. But because you only need wheat and very little maintenance, it’s not a bad bit of side income.

Nerds and Scoundrels

And that concludes ourĀ Farming Simulator 19 Chicken Husbandry Guide! Did you find this guide helpful? We hope so! If you did, let us know in the comments. Think this guide is garbage? Keep it to yourself! (kidding) And don’t forget to check out the rest of our Farming Simulator 19 content here at Nerds and Scoundrels! Want to see a video on Farming Simulator 19 how to raise chickens? Check this one out below!

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