Echo Knight 5E Build (Ravenite Dragonborn Echo Knight)

echo knight 5e

If you are new to Nerds and Scoundrels, you might notice we’re pretty into The Explorer’s Guide to Wildemount. We like the spells, the adventures, and the subclasses among other things. In my opinion, the Echo Knight has been the best part of this release. Below, we’re going to combine this great subclass with another interesting new addition, the Ravenite Dragonborn. Keep reading for our new Echo Knight 5E Build.

Echo Knight 5E Build – Ravenite Dragonborn

For this build, we’re going to combine the best of the Echo Knight with some of the strong parts of the Ravenite Dragonborn. We plan on being a frontline fighter that combines the inherent tank of the Dragonborn to support using the multiple attacks that come with the Echo effect. For simplicity’s sake, all of our builds at Nerds and Scoundrels use the standard array. As you will see, the big winners for when it comes to abilities for this combination of subrace and subclass is Constitution and Strength.

Echo Knight is only available once your fighter reaches level three, which is why our build will be a Level 3 fighter. Below, we’ll outline the choices we made in building our character.

Basic Stats

  • Level: 3
  • Class: Fighter
  • Subclass: Echo Knight
  • Race: Ravenite Dragonborn (Copper)
  • Background: Soldier
  • Fighting Style: Defense

I chose a Copper Dragonborn mostly for the ability to deal acid damage. This is really a matter of taste or roleplaying choices. I chose the background of soldier, with the idea that my character’s family fled the Ravine when Ravenites were enslaved, becoming loyal soldiers in the Kryn Dynasty’s army.

I also get a fighting style, and I choose defense. This gives us a +1 bonus to AC which is perfect for what we are going for.

Ability Scores

Using the Standard array, we have the following ability scores:

  • Strength 16 (+2 Racial Bonus)
  • Dexterity 13
  • Constitution 16 (+1 Racial Bonus)
  • Intelligence 12
  • Wisdom 10
  • Charisma 8

Strength and Constitution are the obvious bread and butter, with Dexterity also valuable in combat. The bottom three stats could be swapped around, especially moving Wisdom to 12 for the sake of common saving throws.

Proficiencies and Languages

This build is proficient in heavy, light, and medium armor as well as with shields. For weapons, it is proficient in martial and simple weapons. As a soldier, he carries a dice set. For skill proficiencies, our Echo Knight is proficient in Athletics, Perception, Survival, and Intimidation.

As for languages, this Echo Knight can speak common and Draconic.

Starting Equipment


  • Flail
  • Shield
  • Chain Mail


  • Adventurer’s Pack
  • Handaxe X2
  • Dice Set
  • Dagger

You have a lot of options here. Echo Knights can work with an array of weapon options. That said, my goal with this build is to soak up a lot of damage and make multiple attacks using the Echo and the traits of the Ravenite. With this in mind, I am opting for a one-handed weapon and a shield. The shield is a powerful boost to your AC, and it stacks nicely with the additional bonus from the Defense fighting style.

For flavor, I selected a flail for a weapon. A mace or one-handed sword also works perfectly well, but there are fewer critters out there resistance to bludgeoning compared to slashing or piercing damage. It really is up to you, however. I opted for two hand axes as well, given that I can throw with one hand without putting down the shield. In addition to the shield, I also opted for Chain Mail armor. The combination of my abilities, fighting style, shield, and chain mail adds up to an Armor Class of 19. Not bad for level 3.

Using The Subrace and Class Features

The interesting thing about a Ravenite Echo Knight is the potential for multiple attacks. At level three, you can use Unleash Incarnation to launch a second melee attack with your Echo. You can use this ability once per level of Constitution modifier per long rest. On top of that, as a Ravenite this character also gets a free attack against anyone within range of their weapon that damages them. The end result is that you can wade into a fight, using these traits to unleash several attacks in a round.

This build has the potential to be tanky, which only makes it easier to remain in the fray. While your Echos are flimsy, you can create new ones during the fight. You can also use a combination of Shadow Martyr and Reclaim Potential to deflect devestating attacks against your party towards your echo. Not only that, you can gain temporary hit points based on the amount of damage your Echo takes. T

the breath weapon is always a fun addition. While useful, it does not play directly into the build as you cannot use it as a part of Vengeful Assault. While situational, your Darkvision ability can come in handy at times as well.


Where to go with this character is up to you. Aiming for the full 20 levels of Echo Knight is strong. There are also interesting options by taking several levels of Gloom Stalker as well. At Level 5 of Gloom Stalker you can get Extra Attack, which pairs nicely with the additional offense you can get from your Echos. Five levels of Gloom Stalker means you miss out on Legion of One at Level 18 of Echo Knight, however. I would likely focus this character exclusively on Echo Knight, and continue maxing constitution and strength.

Roleplaying this Echo Knight

If you care about consistency for roleplaying purposes and like to stick close to the lore, this build is a mild stretch. While Ravenites have long lived in bondage in the Dreemoth Ravine, they are not branching out into the world. Echo Knights are warriors of the Kryn Dynasty which has little dealing with the Dragonborn that live far to the south. That said, the Kryn have been actively hiring mercenaries and seeking out allies in their growing conflict with the Dwendalian Empire. Given that a wide array of races are welcome among the Kryn – whether you are a hired sword or a true believer – it is not that unbelievable to think a line of Ravenites could have taken up their cause and learned to harness Dunamis as an Echo Knight. Ultimately, what you can get away with is up to your DM.


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