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Those in-tune with nature are normally passive creatures, even in Dungeons & Dragons 5E. However, some Druids must answer the call of battle, and may become incredibly strong as a result. In some cases, this power is represented in feats, which the druid may call on in order to augment their strength. That being said, a ton of feats that Wizards of the Coast offers to the Druid can be hard to use or figure out. If you need help figuring out a Druid build, our Druid 5E Feats guide will offer a few choices for you.

Top 10 Druid Feats for 5E

Druids are incredibly potent casters, and thus getting to 20 Wisdom is highly recommended. Wisdom boosts the Druid’s spell abilities, and affects many Circle abilities. This is less important for the Wild Shape druid build.

There are major differences in Druid Build, and the Wild Shape Druid especially is hard to place feats on. However, we hope that these options will help you think about your Druid and what might help them.

10. Lucky

All characters need a few rerolls in their lives. While Druids have great attacking and defensive stats, sometimes your dice just gives you a 1. With Lucky, you have 3 chances to negate bad rolls from your side, or a nasty attack roll on the enemy side. Usually, this means your life will be saved 3 times in a day; some spells in D&D can be deadly, as can some traps. Being able to try again on a saving throw is heavenly! However, Druids excel at making multiple attacks in a round even with spellcasting, so Lucky isn’t necessarily a must-have.

9. Resilient

The Druid’s saving throws are good, but they could be better. By using Resilient on Constitution, the Druid receives massive survivability increases; they get +1 Constitution and they get proficiency on Con saves, the most deadly save imaginable. This is a purely defensive option, and it won’t always matter. However, if you want your druid to survive the most situations possible, then Constitution saving throws won’t be a bad start.

8. Martial Adept

This is a weird one, and is almost exclusive to Wild Shape. This feat gives you two maneuvers of your choice from the Battle Master Archetype. These maneuvers can include things like trips, shoves, granting Advantage on an attack, or causing a target to become frightened. You can even select Ambush and add d6 to your initiative, if you’d like! Unfortunately, this feat has huge downsides; you only get one d6, and it never improves. Thankfully, it refreshes on short rests, and you don’t need to have a weapon in your hand to qualify for melee weapon attacks. This can add big utility to a Wild Shape build, and can grant it just a tiny bit more damage.

7. Metamagic Adept

Metamagic Adept is a pretty good spell for magically-inclined druids. Moving a spell from a standard action to a Bonus action once per rest can be useful. However, perhaps more fun are some of the other options that you have. You can make a Thunderstorm last 2 minutes, or keep Barkskin on for 2 hours. Other effects, like Twinned or Distant, can be really handy for a druid looking to either apply more buffs or deal with more targets. Seriously, consider this if you plan on slinging spells!

6. Observant

+1 Wisdom? That’s fantastic! The ability to read lips? Less great. However, by far the most fun part of Observant is the +5 to Perception. Have you ever wanted to break 20+ Passive Perception by level 4? This is the easiest way to get there! Passive Perception isn’t as strong as making a standard check, but it can keep your party from getting snuck up on, and can save your feet from traps. That’s definitely worth something!

5. Chef

This is mostly for-fun, but can be pretty effective for a Druid. You get a +1 to your Wisdom or your Constitution, either of which can be handy for a Druid. Cooking Utensils are fun, but will rarely come in handy for problem solving… Unless you meet a particularly hungry dwarf. More interesting are the following two traits. You can give d8 healing to anybody who spends hit dice during a short rest. That’s fine, that’s 4 health per person per short rest. The treats are also somewhat nice; giving people up to 6 health 6 times per 1 hour of work is actually not awful. That’s like a free heroism spell. And every hitpoint counts, even in the lategame! This can save you spell slots for more important things, like striking people with lightning.

4. Shadow Touched

There is a lot to say about the Druid spell list. And one thing you can say is that it doesn’t have Invisibility. Well, now it can! Boost your wisdom by +1 and then grab Invisibility! Then, you can have access to a pretty useful stealth and damage-boosting spell, as well as another 1st level spell. 1st level Illusion and Necromancy aren’t the best, but you have some good options! Cause Fear, False Life, Ray of Sickness, Silent Image… Those are fun and handy. Druids like that kind of utility, since their spell list is primary brute force!

3. Fey Touched

Fey Touched is like Shadow Touched but better. +1 Wisdom once again, but instead of Invisibility, you get Misty Step. I adore this spell. It gets you places, gets you out of places, increases your movement speed by 30 feet, can teleport you straight up… It’s such a useful 2nd level spell. And you can cast it for free! However, much more fun for Wild Shape Druids are Hex and Hunter’s Mark, which you could learn from the 1st level spell option. Ever wanted to see a Multiattack with Hunter’s Mark? Now you can!

2. War Caster

Druids like wandering into melee, so War Caster can be useful there. Keep your Barkskin alive with advantage on the Constitution save to concentrate. In addition, you won’t have to put your Scimitar or your Shield down to cast magic. And if that wasn’t enough, your opportunity attack can be Hold Person! That’s really strong, and worth considering as you improve and keep moving into melee.

1. Alert

Alert is stellar. Sure, you can’t be surprised by much, nor does not seeing enemies affect you. However, your +5 to initiative is by far the most important aspect of the feat. You get to go first a lot; that means you get to Wild Shape, or become a Stellar Shape, or do whatever you need to right off the bat. You can use Hold Person on the Wizard, or start a Call Lightning or Moonbeam, and start wrecking shop. If you’ve ever been frustrated by going last and needing to Wild Shape after the fight has already begun, try Alert… After you have 20 Wisdom.


How did we do? Did we consider Alert to be too good? Is Chef stupid? Did we miss any feat synergies that are really cool? Please let us know in the comments, and share your favorite Druid feats!

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