Dark Alliance Beholder Weapon Set | How to Unlock

dark alliance beholder weapon set

As you sit down to start your Dark Alliance adventure, you might want to look intimidating to your enemies. You’re a big-time adventurer, after all! Thankfully, Tuque Games has already offered a path to get pre-order buyers the chance to wield weapons with designs of the most terrifying monsters of all. The Beholder Weapon set is one of the cosmetic skin packs for your weapons. Boasting some gorgeous beholder-inspired artwork, they are a must for any fans of 5E, Dungeons & Dragons, or just eldritch weirdness! Learn how to equip your skin set in this quick guide!

How to Get the Dark Alliance Beholder Weapon Set

The Beholder Weapon Set is a pre-order bonus, so you had to have pre-ordered the game in order to have it. If you have pre-ordered any edition of the game, you can get your cosmetic set by visiting the Merchant, going to the Skins tab, and selecting your weapons. These skin sets are only available for non-resistance weapons and weapons of uncommon rarity and above; you’ll have to play the game just a little bit before you’re able to put these bad boys on your weaponry!

Unfortunately, the Beholder Weapon Set is available for pre-order, but that doesn’t mean it’s lost to time. You should still be able to get the Beholder Weapon Set by purchasing the Deluxe edition of the game. A bit expensive, but the Deluxe edition also comes with the next DLC, so it’s a good investment if you think you’ll like the game.

The important thing to remember is that you’ll have to get weapons that apply to your skins. This is a weird way of handling weapon skins, since they’re purely cosmetic; the Beholder nor the Lich set will buff your damage or anything like that. The fact that you have to get new and stronger weapons to equip skins on them is somewhat strange, and Dark Alliance doesn’t make that clear. However, once you start getting Uncommon weapons, you should be able to change their appearance in the Skin tab of the Merchant.

Hopefully, this helped you start fighting demons and monsters alike in style!

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